Month: May 2020

easyJet data breach: the biggest of 2020?

Airline data breach

Last week, the easyJet data breach hit the headlines and may have become the biggest incident in 2020 so far, and it may remain as that for the rest of the year.

The reason is that a monumental 9 million people in the UK have been affected by the cyberattack. When you look at how this compares to other recent incidents, which we’ll outline below, it’s a staggering number. It seems likely that this will go down as one of the biggest incidents of all time to hit the UK.

Our expert data breach lawyers are also investigating the issues as the airline undertakes the mammoth job of notifying millions of customers that their personal data has been exposed in the breach.

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118 118 Money data breach claims

Blackbaud cyberattack

We are now representing a number of victims of the recent 118 118 Money data breach, with legal cases being taken forward on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have received the breach notification from the company, we may be able to represent you. The information exposed in this breach could be enough for criminals to use, and the risks for victims are real.

Read on for more information about the breach, the risk that people may face, and how we can help you now.

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Robert Dyas data breach compensation advice

Hacked Cybersecurity

Has your information been exposed in the recent Robert Dyas data breach? Our team is on hand to offer free, no-obligation advice and No Win, No Fee compensation options.

Victims could be entitled to make a claim for compensation for the distress suffered by the loss of control of personal information. If any money has been lost or stolen as a result of a fraud event that’s directly linked to the cyberattack, this could also be included on top of a claim for distress.

Read on for more information about the breach and how we are helping victims of this cyberattack with legal representation for justice.

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Medical data leak compensation claims

medical data

You can be entitled to make a claim for compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis for a medical data leak incident.

These kinds of breaches can be common. In fact, one of the most common types of individual cases that we take forward involve medical information being misused or exposed, and this applies to several of the group and multi-party actions we’re involved with. You should never suffer in silence and victims should know that they have the right to seek justice when medical information is subject to a breach. We know from first-hand experience just how devastating the damage can be for people.

If this has happened to you, read on for more advice and information about what you can do and how we might be able to help you.

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