"Legal action has been launched against British Airways as a result of their recent data breach.
The data for 380,000 payment cards has been exposed! You can join our action for data breach compensation now."

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Join the British Airways Data Breach compensation action.

You can join the British Airways data breach compensation action if you’ve been affected by the recent cyber-attack that has hit 380,000 people across the world.

Both UK and foreign citizens can be eligible to join our group.

If you made a booking, or made a paid change to a booking, between 10.58pm on 21st August 2018 and 9:45pm on 5th September 2018, your payment card information may have been stolen.

British Airways announced in October that customers who made a reward booking between 21st April 2018 and 28th July 2018 may also be affected.

British Airways should already have contacted you to confirm that you’re a victim of the data breach. If you’re not sure, you may have been affected if:

  • You made or changed a booking during the breach periods referenced above;
  • You paid directly through the British Airways site (i.e. you did NOT use Apple Pay or pay a Travel Agent as part of a package).

PayPal customers: British Airways say your card information has not been compromised, but your personal information may have still been exposed (meaning you can still claim).

If you used Apple Pay and/or a Travel Agent, you may still have been affected if you then paid for anything additional through British Airways directly, such as an in-flight meal or a seat reservation.

As this is a recent scandal, we will monitor this criterion for any changes.

British Airways Data Breach Victims Must Take Action Now

Victims of the British Airways data breach must take action now to protect themselves from the immediate risk of fraud and theft that has arisen from this breach.

Full card numbers, card expiration dates, security codes (CVV) and personal information has been breached.

Victims are at an imminent and serious risk of fraud.

You should:

  • Contact your bank immediately;
  • Cancel your card(s) affected by the breach and obtain new cards;
  • Monitor your accounts as regularly as you can to check for suspicious activity;
  • Consider changing and updating any accounts where your compromised card was used, and consider changing passwords that you used for British Airways as well as other accounts you used the same password for.

Compensation For British Airways Data Breach Victims (No Win, No Fee)

Victims of the British Airways data breach can be eligible to join our compensation action now.

Victims can be entitled to recover damages for any loss from theft and / or fraud, as well as damages for any distress caused as a result of the breach itself. Any consequential costs that someone has to pay out as a result of the breach can also be covered.

We’re offering our specialist representation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We’re confident we can with the action because of the number of people affected and the nature of the data that has been exposed. It’s understood that a digital form of “skimming” is the most likely explanation for the breach so far.

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Instructing The Data Breach Lawyers For Help

As a firm of specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we’re currently fighting in a number of data breach group actions, and we’re taking on British Airways to make sure that any victim of the British Airways data breach obtains the compensation they deserve.

The estimated £500m fine that British Airways may be subject to in accordance with the new GDPR that came into force earlier this year is not going to help the victims, who are entitled to compensation for distress as well as any loss and consequential costs.

You can join the British Airways data breach compensation action now by contacting the team through an enquiry form below.

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