Our genuine no win, no fee claims agreement

"We pride ourselves on the fact that our genuine No Win, No Fee does exactly what it says. If the case is lost, we can write off any legal fees we have incurred."

We know that it's very difficult for anyone to afford legal representation for a data breach compensation claim, which is why we are happy to offer No Win, No Fee representation for people who want to claim with us.

We can assess the claim and offer you our exclusive No Win, No Fee representation if we are confident that we can win your claim. That doesn't mean we only accept easy claims - many Data Breach Compensation Claims are inherently complex. But, as a leading firm of specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we have the experience and the legal know-how to fight tooth and nail for your right to claim.

Don't instruct a solicitor privately when we could offer you a full No Win, No Fee agreement!

Why do we offer No Win, No Fee representation?

Simply because we know that many people could not afford to make a claim if they have to pay privately.

As an experienced law firm who have successfully helped thousands of people claim compensation for decades, and with millions of pounds recovered to date, we can carefully risk assess a claim and make an informed decision as to whether we are prepared to offer our services on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If we are confident enough that we can win the case, we're happy to offer you a No Win, No Fee agreement.

It goes without saying that it means there is a risk to us - if the claim loses, no one pays us! So, we do actually lose money on cases we don't win.

But that's not your concern, that's ours; and it should give you full confidence that we will do all we can to get a claim settled - not just because we genuinely want to help people, but also because we'll only get paid if we win your claim!

Our genuine No Win, No Fee is, of course, subject to the terms and conditions of our service. As an established law firm who pride ourselves on doing right by our clients, we have absolutely no interest in charging you if the claim loses.

As a real law firm, we're regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and as long as you cooperate with us reasonably, and provide timely instructions to help ensure we have the best chance of winning the claim, we're happy to take the risk of the No Win, No Fee arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below applies to our standard No Win, No Fee policy:

Q: Do I have to pay anything on account that's refundable if I lose?
A: No
Q: Do I pay anything upfront?
A: No
Q: Are there any hidden fees I have to pay for?
A: Absolutely not. We're a fully regulated law firm remember, and we have no interest in stinging people - but even if we wanted to, we couldn't get away with it!
Q: How do we afford to do this?
A: We recover fees for the cases we win, so it's all about our risk assessment of the case and whether we feel it's worth us taking the risk of the case on.
Q: Can I have the No Win, No Fee guarantee in writing?
A: Of course you can!
Q: So, as long as I comply with my end of the agreement, you really will write off your legal fees if the case isn't won?
A: Yes

You can call us now on 0800 634 75 75 or fill in our Callback Form below to find out if we can offer you No Win, No Fee representation for a data breach compensation claim.

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