Month: August 2017

Kansas state job agency suffers data breach compromising social security numbers

data breach

The Kansas Department of Commerce’s employment service has reportedly been hacked with almost a total of 6.5 million records stolen.

The agency’s job-seeking division Job Link Alliance-TS was breached and its databases were illegally accessed. As the organisation’s nature is to help people find and apply for jobs, they hold a wealth of information including individuals’ personal contact information, résumés (CVs) and social security numbers. In the U.S, the social security number is one of the most sensitive types of information that can be stolen. With a social security number, criminals can steal a person’s identity.
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Global cost of data breaches reportedly decreases by 10%

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According to Help Net Security, the cost of data breaches has declined by 10% from 2016 to 2017.

It’s bizarre given that all we ever read about and hear is the increasing costs of data breaches to businesses! We should also consider the fact that 2017 isn’t over yet!

The Ponemon Institute study (sponsored by IMB Security) conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy. They aim to inform companies and organisations on how to improve their data protection initiatives and therefore enhance their reputation as a trusted organisation who are being proactive in data protection.
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Indian telecom breach may have compromised 100 million records

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In what could be the country’s largest ever data breach incident, Jio Reliance may have compromised 100 million users’ records after information was allegedly stolen and put online.

The data in question was put on an independent website called Magicapk, but has since been removed.  The information reportedly included: Full names; Mobile contact numbers; Email addresses; Aadhaar numbers; and SIM card activation dates & times.

This is one huge data breach incident; if its authenticity is to be established…
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Hard Rock Hotel data breach

Hard Rock Hotels & Casino has been hit by a cyber-attack that occurred through a third-party hotel reservation system.

A cyber-attack is thought to have happened on 10th August 2016 where a hotel reservation system, run by Sabre Hospitality Solutions SynXis, was breached. When the breach was discovered, Sabre informed Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos of the breach; but this wasn’t until June 2017.

That’s a long time to pass before a breach is identified…
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