Month: November 2018

Claiming for a police data breach

police data breach

We can help you if you need to make a claim for compensation as a result of a police data breach. Public sector breaches can be common, and we often help people in this area.

Our Data Breach Lawyers are actively involved in a number of individual data breach claims. This includes police data breach compensation cases. This is in addition to the over 20 different data breach actions we’re also representing people in.

We’re specialist data breach lawyers, so if you’ve suffered as a result of a police data breach, we can help you.

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Amazon data breach incidents from staff bribes

According to reports and investigations, Amazon data breach incidents are being caused by employees taking bribes for information.

The news of the bribes comes at quite a sensitive time for the online marketplace platform. Amazon remains embroiled in issues over inferior and dangers products being sold after it opened its platform to a wider world audience.

News of the Amazon data breach scandals is also among the issues over paid-for fake reviews. The issue of employee bribes for selling data is a particularly worrying issue.

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Claim Equifax cyber attack compensation now

It’s not too late to join the claim Equifax cyber attack compensation. We started a legal action last year, but you can still start a case now.

Equifax were recently fined £500,000.00 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a result of the cyber attack. Despite the fact that the organisation turns over billions each year, the attack took place before the GDPR came into force. This meant that the maximum fine that the ICO could issue was the one they were given.

Victims of the Equifax cyber attack can be entitled to justice by claiming for data breach compensation. The cost of the claims should be met by Equifax and should act as a greater punishment for this avoidable attack.

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British airways data leak widens

Airline data breach

The British airways data leak and the legal action we’ve launched has widened with the news that thousands more are affected.

It has been confirmed that a further 185,000 are understood to have also been affected customers who made a “reward booking” between April 2018 and July 2018 are said to be affected.

We’ve already launched our legal action for victims of the British Airways data leak. If you were affected by the August to September leak, or the latest breach announcement, we can help. We’re representing victims for claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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