Month: December 2018

Cathay Pacific Data Breach Compensation

Airline data breach

You may be able to claim in the Cathay Pacific data breach compensation action if you were a victim of the recent incident.

Almost 10m passengers from around the world have had personal and sensitive data exposed in this latest airliner breach. News of the incident broke just weeks after the huge British Airways legal action was launched, which we’re representing victims for.

Cathay Pacific has pledged to ensure all customers are informed if their data was exposed. If you’ve been informed that your data was exposed in the breach, we can help you if you’re based in England or Wales.

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Are you a victim of the Marriott data breach?

If you’re a victim of the monumental Marriott data breach, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

The Marriott data breach has to be the super breach of 2018. Some 500 million customers whose data was on the Starwood reservations database has been compromised. The breach period appears to have been from 2014 up until 10th September 2018. That’s a four-year exposure period!

Marriott International acquired the Starwood chain in 2016. As far as we’re aware, the affected customers were all on a separate Starwood reservations database.

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York Council data breach

mobiles and apps

The York City Council data breach revealed at the end of November appears to be another avoidable breach from a local authority.

In this incident, an IT expert inadvertently stumbled across a huge vulnerability in the York City Council’s environmental app, named One Plant York. The app, which has since been taken down, had some 6,000 users and was aimed at promoting environmental protection. Unfortunately, a vulnerability in the app’s coding led to the personal and private information of the 6,000 users being compromised.

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