Month: March 2019

Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach shows power employees have

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The recent prosecution over the Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach incident shows just how much power employees can have, and the damage that it can do.

Although access to data for many is essential, this incident showed how data can be blatantly misused for personal gain. If you haven’t heard about this one, you may be shocked to learn what happened.

In short, a former council employee accessed data and shared it with his partner who had applied for a job at the local authority. She was awarded the position, although the contract has since been terminated. The employee has also resigned and been ordered to pay costs and fees of over £1,400.00.

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We could see a huge Marriott GDPR fine

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The scale of the Marriott GDPR fine that could be issued after last year’s huge data breach incident could set the precedent. And it could be significant.

The Marriott data breach saw a wealth of personal and account data exposed for a number of years between 2014 and 2018. It affected some 500m people and may have compromised passports and exposed travel information. As such, this is an incredibly serous data breach, and any punishment issued will need to reflect that.

The costs of dealing with the breach, plus the legal action costs and regulatory fines, could be monstrous for the hotel chain.

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A number of NHS fax data breach issues have come to light

new gdpr rules for international data transfer

There has been a spate of NHS fax data breach incidents as a result of a fax number used within the healthcare system that’s similar to an unrelated one.

A hotel group that reportedly has a similar fax number has contacted the Corporate Information Governance Team at NHS England to report the issue. As a result, NHS England has reminded GP surgeries and pharmacists about the importance of making sure data is sent to the correct recipient.

These kinds of NHS data breach cases are so easy to avoid, yet they often happen so easily.

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The 500px data breach incident


News of the monumental 500px data breach incident has hit the media recently. It may have affected all of their users – that’s 15 million people worldwide.

It’s understood that an ‘unauthorised party’ gained access to their systems on 5th July 2018. However, engineers only discovered the security issue and the subsequent breach last month. That means a period of around six months where victims of the 500px data breach have been left vulnerable to further attacks.

It’s thought that all 15 million of their users are affected by the incident. The organisation has triggered password resets as a precaution. Victims will need to keep an eye on their online accounts and activity, as well as being wary of phishing scams.

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