Month: November 2019

British Airways data class action insight

court deadline

As the British Airways data class action remains the hot topic of the data breach compensation world right now, we think that it’s important to put victims in the know when it comes to the recent developments.

And this is especially important now that the formal Group Litigation Order (GLO) has been given the go ahead by Mr Justice Warby in October this year. This means that it’s all now formal and there are court deadlines in place, and it’s important for Claimants to know what they now need to do.

Here’s some information about what the GLO means and what people now need to do to make sure that they can get involved in what’s set to be one of the biggest battles for justice ever seen.

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BA data breach class action: what you need to know

Virgin Media data breach claim

Here’s a bit of a brief ‘what you need to know’ when it comes to the BA data breach class action, given that we continue to take new cases on all the time.

We understand that many people will want the answers to a number of questions before they sign-up for a case. It can be a bit scary when it comes to formally instructing a lawyer to represent you for something like this, so let’s try and put your mind at ease.

We’ll answer some of the common questions that are asked, but as always, please don’t hesitate to speak to our team if you need to. To go ahead and sign-up to join the BA Groupie Action, you can visit the website here.

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British Airways GDPR fine and group action were avoidable

sign-up for a Virgin Media data breach

The mammoth British Airways GDPR fine and the group action for compensation we’re on the Steering Committee for were totally avoidable, meaning the airline could have saved themselves a fortune.

Research from HackerOne indicated that a simple Bug Bounty that could have cost less than £10,000.00 may have identified the vulnerabilities that led to the successful 2018 cyber-attack incidents. In fact, such a bounty could also have stopped the Carphone Warehouse, Ticketmaster and TalkTalk hacks as well, it’s understood.

The fact that this was avoidable can help the prospects of succeeding with the BA Group Action, although it’s important to know the difference between the fines and the compensation for victims.

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NHS cybersecurity and the rights for data breach victims

medical data breaches

When we look at important topics such as NHS cybersecurity, we usually approach it from the perspective of the victims, given that we’re data breach compensation lawyers.

GDPR ensures that there’s an important duty on all organisations – including the NHS – to take steps to protect the data that they store and process. Their duties are clear, and the punishments that can be issued by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) are also clear, and they can be substantial.

But what about the victims? What can they do when it’s their data that has been exposed or misused? What are their rights?

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