Month: January 2022

Confidential information exposed in a data breach

university data breach claims

As data records become subjected to increasing digitisation, the security of personal information is increasingly dependent on strong cyber defences as well as the traditional user regulations for employees who have access to the information. Both cybersecurity and user policy must work effectively and in harmony to allow for successful data protection, as even the slightest of missteps could compromise entire systems. Victims who have had their confidential information exposed in a data breach will know this fact all too well.

Victims can become worried and stressed in the aftermath of data breaches, which is entirely understandable given how severely their privacy can be compromised and how many risks it can becomes exposed to.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we want to ensure that all those affected by breaches of data protection law have an opportunity to access the justice they deserve. Pursuing compensation claims can help to hold data controllers to account for the harm they have caused, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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Online council data leak compensation claims

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Councils hold extensive private information about their residents, all of which they have a duty to protect against unauthorised access and data leaks. Unfortunately, there are local authorities that fail to observe their data protection duties and, in some cases, this can lead to an online council data leak.

Unfortunately, recent reports on the hundreds of data breaches suffered by local authorities in the past year or so suggests that they remain under-resourced when it comes to cybersecurity, a deficiency that may be contributing to the high numbers of council data breaches taking place. However, there have also been a number of human error incidents at local councils in which the errors of employees have caused data to be leaked online.

When the negligence of a third-party data controller causes information to be leaked or compromised, those affected may have a right to claim compensation for a data protection breach. Local councils have a responsibility to their residents and should, therefore, be held accountable when they put data security at risk.

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Police accessing confidential information


In the course of their professional duties, police officers will often be required to request, view and process personal information, much of which can be highly sensitive in nature. The members of the police accessing confidential information, therefore, must act within certain guidelines and restrictions to uphold data protection regulations within the force, and as imposed by the law.

However, despite the integrity and professionalism we expect from police officers, there are those who unfortunately abuse their data access privileges for snooping on private information. Such actions can compromise the data privacy rights of fellow employees, as well as crime witnesses and victims.

Incidents like this should never happen, so where police officers have breached data protection law, those affected could be entitled to claim compensation for any harm caused. As specialists in data protection breach claims, we have held many third parties to account for exposing or compromising data, recovering huge sums in damages to date for our clients. You can contact us for free, no-obligation advice to find out more about making a claim now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Data breach compensation amounts – how much could you win?

No Win, No Fee

The increasing strength of cybercriminals and the ongoing shortage of cybersecurity expertise continues to put personal data at risk. In the digital age, no one can afford to be complacent about data protection but, unfortunately, some companies fail to keep the information in their possession safe. If your data security has been compromised by a third party, you may be able to make a claim, via which claimants could recover significant data breach compensation amounts.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we have been representing clients for privacy matters for a number of years. We know how worrying it can be to have your information exposed, as it can feel like your privacy is now beyond your control. As such, it is important to us that data breach victims can assert their rights and access the justice that they deserve.

By utilising our extensive expertise in this area of law, we can ensure that you receive a compensation pay-out that reflects the full extent of any harm caused to you. To find out more about making a claim, you can contact our team today for free, no-obligation advice about No Win, No Fee compensation claiming.

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Workplace data leak claims

Virgin Media data breach compensation claim

In most workplaces, there will often be a substantial amount of personal information held, which can relate to employees, employers, partners, or clients. When a data breach affects you in your place of work, there can be all kinds of implications, and it can be understandably distressing to know that your information may have been exposed within the office, or even outside the office. As specialists in data breach claims, we can helpĀ  employees affected by a workplace data leak to claim the compensation they deserve.

When hiring a new employee, companies often request that they disclose an extensive amount of personal information, and they will only aggregate more information about their employees as time goes on. Having built up such detailed records of the identities and backgrounds of their staff, it is vital that employers take their data protection duties seriously. However, unfortunately, some disregard the security of personal data and incidents take place.

Though it may feel that it could be hard to stand up to your employer, you have a right to good data protection, and you can assert this right in the event of a data breach. To find out more about making a data breach claim, contact our team today for free, no-obligation advice.

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