Month: February 2022

Confidential information claims for data breach victims

Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which a person’s data may be compromised or exposed, after which they can become vulnerable to a number of security risks. With such potential dangers involved, it is vital that those responsible for threatening information security and breaching data protection law are held to account. This is why it is important for affected victims to pursue confidential information claims for breaches.

Data security is a concern that has grown in the public consciousness in recent years, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As we lead increasingly digitised lives, and share our personal information with more and more companies, the risks can be greater. Whilst this should not be the case, increased data sharing often comes with inherent information security risks if the data controllers to whom you are disclosing your details to fail to comply with the GDPR.

However, there is a legal process that can enable victims to seek justice when they are affected by data breaches. The GDPR can entitle those who have had their data protection rights breached to claim compensation for the harm caused to them, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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The risks of reusing passwords

Ticketmaster data breach compensation

In principle, most of us should recognise the value of creating complex, unique passwords for each of our online accounts, but many of us find it difficult to apply this principle in practice. Until we are directly confronted with a compromised security event, few of us may comprehend the risks of reusing passwords. It is for this reason that we think it’s important to reiterate the dangers of this fundamental security error, particularly in a world in which we are constantly facing the threats of cybercrime.

In the digital world, just one stolen or leaked password could allow a cybercriminal to unlock a wealth of valuable information. As hackers continue to develop more sophisticated methods, password misuse could be regarded as a growing phenomenon.

We are a firm of specialist data protection lawyers, so we know all too well the dangers that victims of information exposure can be made vulnerable to. In our capacity as data breach specialists, we want to empower our clients to protect their data security as far as they can, which is why we are offering this advice as a basic data protection strategy.

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Data protection breaches and compensation claims

Credit Debit Card Hacked

In a world of digital consumerism, we are constantly disclosing personal information online for purposes such as purchasing goods and services, signing up for marketing emails, and making job applications. As a result, there are likely dozens of companies that are in possession of our personal information, kept in digital format in huge databases. Unfortunately, while many data stores are kept secure in order to comply with data protection law, other companies fail to sufficiently protect their data subjects’ information. There are, therefore, many people falling victim to data protection breaches and compensation claims can provide a route to justice.

As specialists in data protection, we believe that some data controllers are still not taking their legal obligations seriously. Consumers are already at a risk of cybercrime, so it is unacceptable that supposedly legitimate and reputable companies are exposing victims to further security risks.

If you have had your data compromised by a third-party organisation, you should not suffer in silence. In accordance with data protection law, you can assert your rights by pursuing a claim for compensation for any injustice you may have faced.

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Social services breaches – compensation advice

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Run by local councils, social services provide care and other assistance to many residents in various different forms: from carers for the elderly, to adoption support for children in care. With such an important responsibility to their community, it is vital that social workers provide a high standard of care and support to all the residents they come into contact with. As part of the maintenance of this standard, social services breaches must be prevented.

Social services have a duty, as all data controllers do, to maintain the protection of personal data and, where necessary, to maintain strict confidentiality. However, councils have been known to fail to meet the appropriate data protection standards. It was estimated in a recent report that as many as 700 council data breaches were reported in 2020 alone.

As specialists in data protection law, we have represented clients affected by data breaches caused by local councils and by social services. It is vital that data controllers are held accountable when they fail to observe their duties, and we use our expertise in this area of law to help clients make compensation claims.

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