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Tag: Amazon

November 20, 2018

Amazon data breach incidents from staff bribes

According to reports and investigations, Amazon data breach incidents are being caused by employees taking bribes for information.

The news of the bribes comes at quite a sensitive time for the online marketplace platform. Amazon remains embroiled in issues over inferior and dangers products being sold after it opened its platform to a wider world audience.

News of the Amazon data breach scandals is also among the issues over paid-for fake reviews. The issue of employee bribes for selling data is a particularly worrying issue.

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By Matt
February 19, 2018

Amazon wants to let people into your home to drop-off parcels

Giant online retailer Amazon has introduced its brand new service to stop thieves stealing your parcels from your doorstep: Amazon Key. Instead of leaving your parcel outside, Amazon wants to open your front door to drop off your parcel.

Does this sound like a good idea to you? Technology today can do almost anything, so surely something like this is just another step towards a brighter, more innovative future?

I don’t know about you, but it sounds rather risky to me…
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By Admin

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