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Tag: Financial Data Breach

financial data has been compromised
April 08, 2024

Securing Compensation: What to Do When Your Financial Data Has Been Compromised

If your financial data has been compromised, swift action is crucial. At The Data Breach Lawyers, we understand the gravity of such situations.

Our team is here to guide you through the process of claiming compensation for the leakage of personal data. In an age where digital transactions are commonplace, the security of our financial data is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, breaches can occur, leaving individuals vulnerable to identity theft, financial loss, and emotional distress.

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By Matt
financial services data breach
October 30, 2023

Claim Compensation in a Financial Services Data Breach

We can guide you through the process of claiming compensation for a financial services data breach, shedding light on the critical steps to take.

In an era dominated by digital transactions, safeguarding personal data is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, breaches in financial services and data security issues have become all too common. At The Data Breach Lawyers, we specialise in advocating for individuals affected by such breaches, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

You can contact our leading team here at The Data Breach Lawyers for free, no-obligation legal advice here now.

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By Matt
finance sector data breaches
July 03, 2023

Finance sector data breaches – claim compensation

Finance sector data breaches could result in the victim suffering substantial distress and loss. You may be eligible to pursue a claim for privacy compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Read on for a little advice – contact our team here now for free, no-obligation legal help tailored to your specific circumstances to find out if you can start your claim today.

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By Matt
pension scheme cybersecurity
September 05, 2022

Pension Scheme Cybersecurity Compensation Claims

Pension scheme cybersecurity is incredibly important to get right to make sure that very personal and sensitive information is protected. If a breach occurs, victims could claim compensation.

The GDPR could entitle you to recover compensation for any distress that has been caused by the loss of control of your personal information, as well as for any losses or expenses that you might have incurred. We may be able to represent you now for case on a No Win, No Fee basis, which you can read more about here.

To speak to the team for free, no-obligation advice, please complete a call back form below now.

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By Matt
GDPR Regulations deleting information
May 30, 2022

Data snooping attacks – claiming compensation

Data snooping attacks can come in a few different forms, and they can be something that the victim could be eligible to claim compensation for on a No Win, No Fee basis.

With any kind of snooping and/or cyberattack event, we do need to investigate a case to determine if there is a legal case to pursue. If we believe that there is, we may be able to represent you for a data breach claim now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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By Matt
local council data breach
August 13, 2018

Financial data breach uncertainties remain a concern

Recent security research has revealed that financial data breach uncertainties remain a concern, with worrying figures in 2017 over breaches and protection.

It’s thought that as many as 70% of financial organisations may have suffered a data breach, with many simply unable to confirm for definite whether they have or haven’t, and whether the breach was related to an unauthorised third-party access event.

The growth of open banking is said to be a huge factor as financial organisations no longer have a closed door on their systems and servers with customers being able to access and manage their finances online.

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By Matt

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