Month: June 2018

Ticketmaster data breach

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The Ticketmaster data breach may well be this year’s big data breach incident. This week, Ticketmaster reached out to customers and admitted a huge data breach potentially affecting thousands of people.

It’s understood that the Ticketmaster data breach stems from a third-party security breach at a supplier. They say that malicious software was found on a “customer support product” hosted by a company named Inbenta Technologies.

People who used the service between February 2018 and June 2018 may be affected, and the nature of the data compromised in this breach is serious.

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Huge Dixons Carphone data breach

cold callers hit by maximum fine

Unless you’ve not been paying attention to recent news, there has been a huge Dixons Carphone data breach.

The data breach is thought to have affected almost six million people’s data: that’s the data for some 5.9 million payment (debit and credit) cards being exposed, as well as 1.2 million personal data records being exposed as well.

Of the millions of credit and debit card details exposed, more than 100,000 apparently did not have chip-and-pin protection, leaving them in a potentially more vulnerable position of fraud.

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Should the ICO have greater powers?

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Should the ICO have greater powers? This is one of the many questions being asked as we continue to swim through the wreck of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

It’s understood that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO for short) were in the midst of complex investigations surrounding the use of data in political campaigns when the scandal broke. The ICO are asking for greater powers to allow them to keep up with the pace of developments in such matters, and with the GDPR that came into force last month that empowers regulators to be able to better audit any organisations using data – which, let’s face it, is all of us really – should the ICO have greater powers still?

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Former Recruitment Consultant illegally obtained data from job he left

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A former Recruitment Consultant has been fined and criminally charged after he illegally obtained data from a job he left.

According to the ICO’s publication report, Daniel Short left a recruitment firm he had been working for, VetPro Recruitment, toward the end of last year and then established his own company named VetSelect.

With his former employee having concerns about the obvious similarities of the companies, and the fact that they hold the data for more than 16,000 vets and nurses for recruitment purposes, they investigated whether Mr Short had taken any data before he left.

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