Ticketmaster data breach

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The Ticketmaster data breach may well be this year’s big data breach incident. This week, Ticketmaster reached out to customers and admitted a huge data breach potentially affecting thousands of people.

It’s understood that the Ticketmaster data breach stems from a third-party security breach at a supplier. They say that malicious software was found on a “customer support product” hosted by a company named Inbenta Technologies.

People who used the service between February 2018 and June 2018 may be affected, and the nature of the data compromised in this breach is serious.

Information compromised in the Ticketmaster data breach

Information compromised in the data breach includes personal information and payment card information. The data exposed may have been accessed by an unknown third-party, and it appears it has been left exposed for a number of months. We are keen to know how the ongoing exposure was not identified any earlier.

The data breach was discovered last Saturday, and as the data has effectively been breached and exposed beyond the GDPR deadline, we must assume that Ticketmaster are about to feel the full weight of the new powers afforded to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The data breach has been reported to the ICO and other relevant authorities.

Legal advice for victims of the Ticketmaster data breach

If you are a victim of the data breach, you may be entitled to claim for data breach compensation.

For those whose information has been exposed in the data breach, you should have received an email from Ticketmaster with the standard invitation for 12-months of free credit security checks. This does not negate the fact that victims’ personal and payment information has been compromised as a result of this breach, and people are entitled to seek further justice.

Contact our team for help today

The Data Breach Lawyers are already taking on cases for victims of the Ticketmaster data breach. If you have been affected, you can contact us for free, no obligation advice. We can then advise you if you are eligible for our a No Win, No Fee representation for the legal action.

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