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Tag: British Airways

holiday data breaches
May 01, 2023

Claiming compensation for holiday data breaches

You could be entitled to claim compensation for holiday data breaches, and we may be able to represent you for a legal case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Read on for some general advice. For free, no-obligation legal advice about actually pursuing a claim, please contact our team here now.

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By Matt
travel and leisure data breaches
March 13, 2023

Travel and leisure data breaches: compensation advice

Travel and leisure data breaches can cause significant distress and potentially significant losses to those who are affected. We can represent victims for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Read on for some advice about the risks and the nature of the claims that we can pursue below. To find out if we can help you with such a case, please do not hesitate to contact our team for advice here now.

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By Matt
BA data breach
July 12, 2021

British Airways data breach claim settlement – you can still claim

The recent British Airways data breach claim settlement news is good, but our legal action against the airline continues. Only a portion of the 420,000 affected victims are set to receive pay-outs in this settlement, so British Airways still has a lot of claims to resolve, and your chance to claim is not over at all.

Although another law firm has chosen to settle, if you have yet to make a claim, you still have a chance to join our group action to seek the justice you deserve. It is unclear how much this initial group of claims have been settled for, but we are confident that continuing our action against British Airways will enable us to pursue the best possible outcome for our clients.

Hundreds of thousands of victims of the British Airways data breach have still yet to achieve justice. We encourage anyone who has still not sought legal advice to contact our specialist team today, or to register their claim via our online form.

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By Matt
UK Data Group Action
June 14, 2021

Data breach group action cases

Every data breach can have a damaging impact on its victims, but the most impactful are perhaps those which happen at large corporations or organisations. The sheer amount of information exposed can be huge if a large company’s systems are subjected to a hack or a security error. In the most wide-reaching cases, thousands or even millions of victims could become vulnerable to criminal activity. Groups of data breach victims can claim compensation together in data breach group action cases, and we engage in this style of work a lot.

We have played a key role in many consumer group actions over the years, helping thousands of victims to achieve justice and win the compensation that they deserve. There can be strength in numbers – claiming in one group can allow us to present a strong, collective force against the defendants, and it can also demonstrate how harmful the implications of the data breach have been.

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By Matt
BA data breach
May 10, 2021

British Airways data breach claims

In 2018, British Airways suffered two data breach incidents, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers. The breaches both subjected personal data to unauthorised access by hackers, leaving victims vulnerable to scams and fraud. We have been taking on British Airways data breach claims since 2018 and are taking forward a large group of Claimants, so we are determined to see that as many victims as possible can access the justice they deserve.

The deadline to join the group action has already been extended to June, which means victims only have a few weeks left to start their claim as things stand. Those affected could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, and you can sign-up for a No Win, No Fee legal case on the BA Group Action website here.

As leading data breach and consumer action lawyers, we are here to help.

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By Matt
BA data breach
March 16, 2021

Data of hundreds of thousands of passengers stolen in SITA data breach

SITA, an IT systems provider for much of the aviation industry, recently encountered a cyberattack described as “highly sophisticated”, which provoked a leak of passenger data from its servers at the end of February. The SITA data breach was monumental in scale, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers across several notable airlines.

Affected airlines included those under the Star Alliance group, such as Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. It also included British Airways, which is currently the subject of our group action following two seismic data breaches in 2018.

The travel industry has long been targeted by cybercriminals. Examples include the Marriott data breach and the easyJet data breach, so it is unsurprising that hackers have sought to steal further information by attacking a company that serves so much of the global aviation industry. The breach is not believed to have exposed any highly sensitive data, but it must act as a wake-up call to airlines and other travel companies. The sector must now look to protect data from an incoming wave of sophisticated cyberattacks.

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By Matt
British Airways
January 25, 2021

British Airways data breach settlement on the horizon

As the start of 2021 marks almost three years since the first breach began, a British Airways data breach settlement is soon expected, as the airline’s lawyers revealed intentions to potentially settle claims out of court.

Under increasing pressure from Your Lawyers, a leading consumer action and data breach firm, this is a big development in a serious breach that affected approximately 400,000 customers in 2018. Your Lawyers, who sit on the Steering Committee responsible for the conduct of the group action, were quick to break the news of this major development, which has featured across prominent media outlets.

The deadline to join the action is not far away. With our current estimations suggesting up to a possible £2.4 million pay-out if all the victims claim, we do not want any affected customers to miss out on their share of compensation. Please start your claim as soon as possible.

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By Matt
BA data breach
November 04, 2020

The BA data breach fine – is it enough?

Following the British Airways data breach in 2018, where almost 500,000 customers were affected, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has issued its final fine. The BA data breach fine was announced to be just £20 million – a significant 90% less than the initial proposed intention to fine last year of £183m.

Though £20 million is no small amount, for the international airline, the question is whether this data breach fine is enough to have a proper impact. In terms of how the ICO decides how much it should fine data breach offenders, it should be enough to have a ‘dissuasive effect’ on the company and others in order to warn them from committing further data breaches.

In the case of the BA data breach fine, it is not seen as a high enough amount to have a dissuasive effect when you consider how much of the original proposed amount has been wiped out.

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By Matt
court deadline judge
April 27, 2020

Group action deadlines: don’t miss out!

Given that many people will miss group action deadlines, it’s important for us to advise about them and stress the importance of making a claim sooner rather than later.

Although we can’t speak for other firms, we offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for clients eligible for group actions that we take forward. This means that we can write off our legal fees if the claim doesn’t succeed, so it begs the question: what have you got to lose in making a claim?

Despite this, people still put it off and many still miss out. We can tell you this from considerable experience. As such, take heed of this vital advice and make sure you don’t miss your chance to claim compensation!

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By Matt
Hotel Travel Data Breach
February 25, 2020

Travel data breaches compensation advice

It looks like travel data breaches are on the rise. Hackers are likely targeting this sector because of the wealth of data that they could steal, and people need to be wary.

We’re more than used to representing people for data breaches that arise from the travel sector, and one of the big group actions we’re involved with is the BA Group Action. The damage that can be caused to the victims can be substantial, both in terms of the distress caused and for any money stolen as well.

We can represent victims who claim data breach compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you have been the victim of a travel data breach, we may be able to help you also.

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By Matt
Virgin Media data breach compensation claim
February 05, 2020

Making a British Airways data breach claim the right way

There can be good ways and bad ways to make a British Airways data breach claim. As an expert firm that specialises in data breaches and consumer actions, here’s some guidance for you.

We know that it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to looking for the perfect law firm to represent you. We know that many people are wary of lawyers, and given there are some bad firms out there, we can understand why. That being said, we are regulated, but there are differences in the experiences you will get with different firms.

As our name states, we are the Data Breach Lawyers; and we’re that for a very good reason. We can outline what we do and how we believe that it can be most beneficial for you.

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By Matt
BA data breach
December 30, 2019

The official BA data breach group action

Here’s some information about the official BA data breach group action. There is only one formal Group Litigation Order (GLO) action, which is important for people to understand.

The primary reason as to why we’re discussing this is because there are a lot of law firms saying a lot of different things when it comes to data breach cases. Several are claiming to be “the experts” and claiming that they “lead the field”, but it’s vital to look beneath these soundbites to understand who you’re really dealing with. And since the British Airways GLO was formally given the go-ahead by Mr Justice Warby in October, many more lawyers are now getting involved.

Here’s some vital information for you.

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By Matt

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