British Airways data breach claims

BA data breach

In 2018, British Airways suffered two data breach incidents, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers. The breaches both subjected personal data to unauthorised access by hackers, leaving victims vulnerable to scams and fraud. We have been taking on British Airways data breach claims since 2018 and are taking forward a large group of Claimants, so we are determined to see that as many victims as possible can access the justice they deserve.

The deadline to join the group action has already been extended to June, which means victims only have a few weeks left to start their claim as things stand. Those affected could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, and you can sign-up for a No Win, No Fee legal case on the BA Group Action website here.

As leading data breach and consumer action lawyers, we are here to help.

British Airways data breach – a recap

Both of the British Airways data breach incidents were caused by cybersecurity issues. The first incident involved rewards customers, whose personal and financial data was exposed. The second data breach saw the airline’s website and app become compromised, and hundreds of thousands of customers had their information exposed.

When financial details are exposed by a data breach, the information is typically partially redacted. However, the cyberattacks on British Airways exposed full card numbers, expiry dates and security codes (CVV) in some cases. As a result, victims were put at a high risk of theft and fraud, and many clients have suffered such issues.

How we value British Airways data breach claims

Based on our current estimations, we believe that if all victims of the British Airways data breach make a claim, the company could be forced to pay out up to £2.4bn in compensation. This is based on our estimation that British Airways data breach claims could be worth an average of approximately £6,000 each.

In addition, the compensation award could also rise from this amount, as data breach claims generally increase in value where the psychological injury to the victim is severe, or if there is an additional damages claim to cover any financial losses or expenses caused by the breach. For example, we believe that where there has been a severe psychological injury to the victim, some British Airways data breach claims could reach up to £16,000.

Join the British Airways group action

Earlier in the year, it emerged that British Airways appeared to be keen to settle claims, so there could not be a better time to join our group action against the airline. We believe that significant pay-outs could be on the horizon, and we can help those affected to recover the damages that they deserve.

Though we continue to take on more British Airways data breach claims as the court proceedings approach, it is important to note that you should start a claim as soon as possible. We do not want anyone to miss out.

If you were notified of your involvement in the British Airways data breach and you have yet to register your claim, you can go to the BA Group Action website here to confirm your eligibility and join the fight for justice.

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