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Tag: Cold Calling

banking app scams
December 14, 2020

Compensation for banking app scams

Banking app scams are one of the latest ways in which hackers are targeting victims. People have lost thousands of pounds to these kinds of scams, but there can be a way to make a claim for damages and loss.

One of the common ways scammers are exploiting people is using a technique called ‘spoofing’. This can make the caller appear as the same number as a bank or a legitimate organisation, tricking the victim into believing that the call is legitimate.

In many cases, scammers get hold of the victims’ details from data breaches. They can then contact them and use real information to convince the victim that they are genuine. Victims can then be subjected to fraudulent transactions or being duped into handing over money or more information to be abused.

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By Matt
ico and illegally-obtained data
March 26, 2018

Recent ICO enforcement action over the trade and use of illegally-obtained data

If you’ve ever been left wondering just how the latest marketing company managed to get hold of your information, the reason can actually be very simple.

There are loads of companies out there who hold your data, and some may pass on or sell your data for profit; even when they’re not actually allowed to. Sometimes, it can be a lack of understanding as to how the data laws work, but most of the time it’s probably just a way of making easy money on the basis that they hope they won’t be caught.

But the UK’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), is often on the case!
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By Matt
unwanted marketing calls
March 19, 2018

Company fined for making 75 MILLION nuisance calls!

75 MILLION nuisance calls!

You can probably guess what the nature of the calls were as well, right? It’s not hard to guess when pretty much everyone in the UK has been hit with these automated calls by companies who are desperate to find people to make PPI claims.

The company at the centre of this massive breach, the aptly named Miss-sold Products UK Ltd, reportedly made the automated marketing calls between November 2015 and March 2016, and they were the standard and annoying automated voice calls trying to push people to make PPI claims.
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By Matt
banking app scams
March 05, 2018

4 companies fined £600,000 by the ICO over spam and nuisance marketing

Firms behind a massive 44 million spam emails, 15 million nuisance calls and millions of spam texts have been fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The four companies at the centre of this mass tirade of nuisance marketing have been hit with fines totalling £600,000 by the UK’s data watchdog. The offending companies failed to have the proper agreement of their targets prior to contacting them, which is what landed them in trouble for their actions.
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By Admin
unwanted marketing calls
November 20, 2017

Easyleads Limited fined £260,000 for 16.7 million automated marketing calls

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Easyleads Limited £260,000.00 after they reportedly made 16,730,340 automated marketing calls without obtaining proper consent from the recipients.

In total, 551 complaints were made to the ICO.

Easyleads were found to have violated the Data Protection Act and the Private Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) for the illegal calls, and the fine was imposed as a result of their actions.
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By Admin
banking app scams
November 06, 2017

ICO fines Home Logic £50,000 and issues warning to companies who fail to screen numbers before making nuisance calls

“Are you getting the best rates for home energy saving solutions and products?!”

How many calls do you get with over enthusiastic salespeople asking you if you want to switch your energy provider, bring a PPI claim or even talk about a car accident you didn’t even know you’d been involved in?

After the first few calls you start to realise just how annoying they are, and then the questions begin: “How did they get my number? Why are they calling me? Where are they coming from?”

There are all sorts of ways they can get hold of your details, and there’s a very big market for the sale of information for marketing purposes. It can often be a dark web of information being passed around time and time again, and when companies fail to check whether they can call people, the ICO will end up involved.
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By Admin
nuisance calling
October 30, 2017

ICO issues £350,000 fine to “Your Money Rights Limited” for a mammoth 146 million nuisance PPI calls

Your Money Rights Limited was found guilty of breaching data protection principles by reportedly making a record 146 million nuisance calls pushing people to make PPI claims.

Based in Carmarthenshire, the company statistically made enough calls to contact every woman, man and child in the U.K. twice over.

Anyone reading this has probably experienced at least half a dozen in the past year. Recipients were less than amused by the numerous calls and complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office over the unsolicited calls, saying the recorded messages made them feel “harassed and threatened”.
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By Admin
banking app scams
July 03, 2017

Cold Caller Company issued maximum fine by ICO for 99.5 million nuisance calls

The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a £400,000 fine to Keurboom Communications Limited for harassing millions of people with unwanted nuisance calls.

The fine is reportedly the largest ever issued for nuisance calls. The fine brings the investigation to a close after thousands of complaints were received about the company’s nuisance calls.
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By Admin

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