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LOQBOX data breach compensation claims


If you’re a victim of the recent LOQBOX data breach, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We’re already acting for several victims of the hack, and we may be able to help you too. Those affected by the breach could be entitled to claim compensation for distress and for monetary losses, and we’re representing clients right now as one of the dozens of data breach actions we’re fighting for justice in.

We assessed the action right away as we were contacted by victims soon after the breach notifications were sent to people. We accepted cases immediately, and we continue to do so.

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Compensation advice if your debit or credit card is hacked

Credit Debit Card Hacked

If your debit or credit card is hacked, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation with our team on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Whether you can claim or not can depend on how the hack has taken place. If your payment card information has been compromised due to a data breach, you may have a case against the organisation where the data was stolen from. They have an important legal duty to look after your personal information, and if they fail to do so, they can be liable for a legal case.

We represent a lot of clients for these types of claims. We understand the distress that can be caused, as well as the need to recover lost money. You’re not alone, and we can help you.

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Travel data breaches compensation advice

Hotel Travel Data Breach

It looks like travel data breaches are on the rise. Hackers are likely targeting this sector because of the wealth of data that they could steal, and people need to be wary.

We’re more than used to representing people for data breaches that arise from the travel sector, and one of the big group actions we’re involved with is the BA Group Action. The damage that can be caused to the victims can be substantial, both in terms of the distress caused and for any money stolen as well.

We can represent victims who claim data breach compensation with us on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you have been the victim of a travel data breach, we may be able to help you also.

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NHS cybersecurity claims

We can represent victims for NHS cybersecurity claims. We can offer No Win, No Fee representation, which is important in today’s increasingly digitalised age.

The NHS is a huge target for hackers given that they do not always have the resources in place to be able to fend off attacks. As we saw with the 2017 WannaCry incident where malware specifically targeted older and more outdated systems, the NHS was hit hard.

Victims should never suffer in silence. We fight for the rights of victims for NHS data breach compensation claims that arise from cybersecurity problems.

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Missoma data breach advice

data hack

If you have been affected by the recently discovered Missoma data breach, you may be entitled to bring a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis with us.

It’s understood that some customers who had placed orders with the jewellery brand as far back as September may have been affected by a cyberattack. Malicious software had reportedly been inserted into the payment processing section of the website, and this had led to data being exposed.

This isn’t the first time this kind of breach has taken place either, which may be seen as a damning indictment.

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Sweaty Betty data breach advice


News of the Sweaty Betty data breach hit the media last week where it has been confirmed that the retailer suffered a cyberattack that has led to the exposure of customer information.

Customers who placed an order either online or by telephone between Tuesday 19th November and Wednesday 27th November 2019 may have been affected. It’s understood that malicious code had been inserted into their e-commerce system where data processed through it has been copied and therefore exposed.

If you have been affected by this incident as a resident in England or Wales, you can speak to our team today for free, no-obligation advice.

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NHS cybersecurity and the rights for data breach victims

medical data breaches

When we look at important topics such as NHS cybersecurity, we usually approach it from the perspective of the victims, given that we’re data breach compensation lawyers.

GDPR ensures that there’s an important duty on all organisations – including the NHS – to take steps to protect the data that they store and process. Their duties are clear, and the punishments that can be issued by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) are also clear, and they can be substantial.

But what about the victims? What can they do when it’s their data that has been exposed or misused? What are their rights?

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Lancaster University data breach legal advice

data hack

If you were a victim of one or both of the Lancaster University data breach incidents, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The university recently announced that sophisticated and malicious cyber attacks had taken place, and that student and applicant data may have been exposed. We’re therefore prepared to take cases forward for victims of the incidents, and with our lawyers already fighting for justice in a number of group and multi-party actions already, you can be assured that your case is in safe hands with us.

This isn’t the first time we have represented university students for a data breach incident. If you need legal advice about your options, we’re here for you.

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Update in the TalkTalk data breach action


There has been a key update in the TalkTalk data breach scandal from 2015, as the information for thousands more victims affected in the scandal has been found online.

An additional 4,545 customers are understood to have been affected after their information was discovered online. This is in addition to the over 155,000 that were found to have been affected years ago.

We’re representing a group of victims who are claiming data breach compensation having been affected by the original incident. If you’ve yet to claim, or if you’re one of the thousands of additional victims who have been affected, we may be able to help you.

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The 500px data breach incident


News of the monumental 500px data breach incident has hit the media recently. It may have affected all of their users – that’s 15 million people worldwide.

It’s understood that an ‘unauthorised party’ gained access to their systems on 5th July 2018. However, engineers only discovered the security issue and the subsequent breach last month. That means a period of around six months where victims of the 500px data breach have been left vulnerable to further attacks.

It’s thought that all 15 million of their users are affected by the incident. The organisation has triggered password resets as a precaution. Victims will need to keep an eye on their online accounts and activity, as well as being wary of phishing scams.

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Inquiry calls for greater Facebook regulation

social media scammers

An inquiry from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has called for greater Facebook regulation to shift the power from the corporations to the people.

Recommendations include an independent regulator that could be responsible for enforcing an ethical code of conduct that all tech firms must adhere to. They could also be handed powers to bring legal proceedings for breaches and enforce new rules for tech firms to prevent and remove disinformation, false news and harmful content.

The inquiry was launched off the back of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and also focuses on the misuse of personal data as well.

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Collection #1 incident a stark wake-up call

The leak of hundreds of millions of email addresses and passwords – known as Collection #1 – is a stark and alarming wake-up call.

The 87gb file that was published contained data that’s said to have been gleaned from a number of different hacks and attacks over several years. It serves as a monumental wake-up call for those who are guilty of reusing the same login credentials across different platforms, and for those who haven’t changed their passwords for years and / or use rubbish passwords.

Criminals have the technology to use data from these hacks to systematically target accounts with very little effort. People are in imminent danger.

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