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Waltham Forest Council data breach stemmed from printing error

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A recent Waltham Forest Council data breach incident was reportedly caused by a simple “printing error”, which is a cause for alarm.

It’s understood that some P60 forms sent out to pensioners accidentally included the personal information for other people on the reverse side of their form. The number of people who may have been affected in the batch that went wrong could be more than 3,000.

A lot of the claims for compensation that we take forward stem from simple errors that can inadvertently lead to a catastrophic breach of data protection laws. With councils and local authority agencies storing and processing a huge amount of data for people – data that can be incredibly personal and sensitive – this kind of breach is worrying.

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Claim compensation for a local authority data breach

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You can be eligible to make a claim for compensation if you’ve been the victim of a local authority data breach incident.

Whether it’s the council themselves, an outsourced agency, or perhaps a body like social services or a school who are under the control of your local authority, you may be able to bring a case. These types of claims re incredibly common and the impact for the victim can be severe. After all, local authorities hold personal, medical, financial and sometimes incredibly sensitive data about tens of thousands of people in some areas.

We can offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for victims of a local authority breach as well.

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Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach shows power employees have

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The recent prosecution over the Nuneaton and Bedworth Council data breach incident shows just how much power employees can have, and the damage that it can do.

Although access to data for many is essential, this incident showed how data can be blatantly misused for personal gain. If you haven’t heard about this one, you may be shocked to learn what happened.

In short, a former council employee accessed data and shared it with his partner who had applied for a job at the local authority. She was awarded the position, although the contract has since been terminated. The employee has also resigned and been ordered to pay costs and fees of over £1,400.00.

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York Council data breach

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The York City Council data breach revealed at the end of November appears to be another avoidable breach from a local authority.

In this incident, an IT expert inadvertently stumbled across a huge vulnerability in the York City Council’s environmental app, named One Plant York. The app, which has since been taken down, had some 6,000 users and was aimed at promoting environmental protection. Unfortunately, a vulnerability in the app’s coding led to the personal and private information of the 6,000 users being compromised.

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