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Tag: Ransomware

ransomware affecting schools
January 08, 2024

Ransomware Affecting Schools and Your Right to Claim Data Breach Compensation

The impact of ransomware affecting schools extends far beyond the digital realm, often compromising sensitive information and leaving victims in distress.

In recent years, the issue of ransomware has cast a dark shadow over educational institutions, with schools becoming prime targets for cyberattacks. At The Data Breach Lawyers, we recognise the severity of these incidents and are dedicated to helping victims claim the compensation they deserve.

In this article, we can explore the specific challenges posed by ransomware in schools and shed light on the avenues available for claiming substantial compensation. Make sure to contact us for free, no-obligation legal help about starting a claim for compensation here now.

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By Matt
school cyberattacks
March 27, 2023

Claiming compensation for school cyberattacks

Anyone who has been affected by school cyberattacks could be eligible to claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis with our leading team of expert privacy lawyers.

Read on for a little advice, and make sure to contact our team here now for free, no-obligation legal advice about getting started with a legal claim today.

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By Matt
fraud from data breaches
February 27, 2023

Fraud from data breaches: claiming compensation

Fraud from data breaches can be one of the core risks that can arise when certain information is misused or exposed, and victims of such an incident could be eligible to claim compensation.

We can represent eligible clients who pursue their cases with us on a No Win, No Fee basis. The best place to start is to contact our team for a free, no-obligation legal assessment here now.

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By Matt
held to ransom by cybercriminals
November 28, 2022

Justice for Being Held to Ransom by Cybercriminals

You could be entitled to seek justice if your information has been held to ransom by cybercriminals, whether it has been exposed or not.

If the fault of your information coming into the hands of cybercriminals lies with an organisation that has breached the GDPR, you could be entitled to pursue them for a privacy compensation case. If we believe that there is a case to answer, we can represent eligible clients on a No Win, No Fee basis.

You can speak to our team for free, no-obligation legal advice here now.

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By Matt
malicious email data breaches
September 19, 2022

Malicious Email Data Breaches – Claiming Compensation

Malicious email data breaches are one of the major risks we face as a digitised society nowadays as much of our living and working lives have moved onto the internet.

Our email address can be a gateway for hackers to try to exploit us for fraud and theft. I am sure that at least most people have received some form of scammer or spammer email in the past. We must always be wary of the risks, especially because hackers and criminals are increasingly perfecting their methods to try to make sure that they can dupe us into believing that they are legitimate organisations.

As a leading privacy claims law firm, we know all too well the impact that data breaches can have on the victims. This is why we represent people for claims for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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By Matt
claim compensation for identity theft
August 15, 2022

Claim compensation for identity theft

You could be entitled to claim compensation for identity theft and we, as Specialist Data Breach Lawyers, may be able to represent you for a case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

You could be entitled to claim compensation for any losses or expenses incurred, but you can also be eligible to claim just for any distress that you have suffered from as a result of what has happened.

You can speak to the team for free, no-obligation legal advice by completing a contact form below, or calling now on 0800 634 75 75.

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By Matt
GDPR Regulations deleting information
May 30, 2022

Data snooping attacks – claiming compensation

Data snooping attacks can come in a few different forms, and they can be something that the victim could be eligible to claim compensation for on a No Win, No Fee basis.

With any kind of snooping and/or cyberattack event, we do need to investigate a case to determine if there is a legal case to pursue. If we believe that there is, we may be able to represent you for a data breach claim now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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By Matt
Ticketmaster data breach compensation
February 21, 2022

The risks of reusing passwords

In principle, most of us should recognise the value of creating complex, unique passwords for each of our online accounts, but many of us find it difficult to apply this principle in practice. Until we are directly confronted with a compromised security event, few of us may comprehend the risks of reusing passwords. It is for this reason that we think it’s important to reiterate the dangers of this fundamental security error, particularly in a world in which we are constantly facing the threats of cybercrime.

In the digital world, just one stolen or leaked password could allow a cybercriminal to unlock a wealth of valuable information. As hackers continue to develop more sophisticated methods, password misuse could be regarded as a growing phenomenon.

We are a firm of specialist data protection lawyers, so we know all too well the dangers that victims of information exposure can be made vulnerable to. In our capacity as data breach specialists, we want to empower our clients to protect their data security as far as they can, which is why we are offering this advice as a basic data protection strategy.

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By Matt
Hacked Cybersecurity
November 15, 2021

Labour Party data breach stems from ransomware cyberattack

At the start of the month, it came to light that a potentially major Labour Party data breach was taking place, reportedly involving a third party suffering from a cyberattack.

Although it is understood that Labour’s own systems were not breached or directly affected by the cyberattack, a third party that stores and processes information for members on behalf of the Party was hit by what was reported to be a ransomware attack. It is thought that the hackers were not targeting Labour directly and appear to have financial motivations behind the attack.

The Labour Party notified members of the data breach and warned them to be wary of being contacted for scams, which could occur via email, text or from calls. We have taken on cases for those affected, so contact the team for help and advice now.

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By Matt
large medical healthcare data breaches
November 01, 2021

Medical data breach claims

Healthcare organisations hold swathes of medical records and information, most of which are stored digitally. Technological developments have put pressure on healthcare organisations to ensure medical data is protected with strong cybersecurity and strict data processing regulations, but some hospitals and practices are still failing to meet the mark. When a healthcare organisation causes a medical data breach, the effects can be significant for those affected.

Victims can have their privacy compromised in all kinds of ways, but the underlying truth is always the same; if a third-party organisation has failed to protect your information, your right to privacy may have been breached, and you may be entitled to claim compensation.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we have been supporting victims through the difficult aftermath of data breaches for several years, helping them to obtain the compensation they deserve. Anyone who has been affected by a medical data breach can contact us for free, expert advice on their potential claim. You could be entitled to No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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By Matt
April 05, 2021

Customers reportedly told to keep quiet about Fat Face data breach

Reports have recently emerged detailing the events of the Fat Face data breach, following the company’s decision to send out an email to affected customers. Victims were reportedly told to keep the information about the incident private.

The data breach itself is understood to have occurred in January, but it was not until the end of March that customers learned of the exposure of their information. Investigations by Fat Face has established that some systems were reportedly subjected to unauthorised access, affecting both customer and employee data. It has also been alleged that Fat Face paid a ransom to a cybercrime gang, though neither the company nor the ICO, the data protection regulator, appear to have confirmed this claim.

Those who have had their private information exposed in the Fat Face data breach may be able to recover compensation for the harm caused. Everyone has a right to adequate data protection. If companies fail in this duty, they can be liable to issue pay-outs to those affected.

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By Matt
Blackbaud data breach ransomware
January 20, 2021

Customer details exposed in Transform Hospital Group data breach

At the end of December 2020, it was revealed that the Transform Hospital Group had been targeted by a devastating cyberattack.

The attack, which took the form of a ransomware hack, resulted in the theft of customer data from the plastic surgery chain, and the hackers behind the attack have since been threatening to publish the information online.

The hackers are understood to have made it known that they have 900 gigabytes of ‘before and after’ pictures in their possession, which they are threatening to publish if a ransom is not paid. Understandably, many of the victims are extremely concerned that their private data can now be exposed in this way. The Data Breach Lawyers have already taken on affected clients, and we encourage further victims to come forward for advice on their potential claim.

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By Matt

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