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Collection #1 incident a stark wake-up call

The leak of hundreds of millions of email addresses and passwords – known as Collection #1 – is a stark and alarming wake-up call.

The 87gb file that was published contained data that’s said to have been gleaned from a number of different hacks and attacks over several years. It serves as a monumental wake-up call for those who are guilty of reusing the same login credentials across different platforms, and for those who haven’t changed their passwords for years and / or use rubbish passwords.

Criminals have the technology to use data from these hacks to systematically target accounts with very little effort. People are in imminent danger.

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Financial data breach uncertainties remain a concern

Recent security research has revealed that financial data breach uncertainties remain a concern, with worrying figures in 2017 over breaches and protection.

It’s thought that as many as 70% of financial organisations may have suffered a data breach, with many simply unable to confirm for definite whether they have or haven’t, and whether the breach was related to an unauthorised third-party access event.

The growth of open banking is said to be a huge factor as financial organisations no longer have a closed door on their systems and servers with customers being able to access and manage their finances online.

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New GDPR rules could see reported data breaches soaring

data breaches expected to soar with introduction of new gdpr rules

Data breaches are soaring, and only better cybersecurity and improved data protection training and protocols is going to stop the crisis worsening.

Almost every day we are seeing yet another breach somewhere around the world. With cyber-criminals getting smarter, and with many investing their ill-gotten gains back into their “business” to create more powerful tools, something needs to be done.

The new GDPR rules coming into force next month may be the catalyst needed for organisations to take cybersecurity more seriously.
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Dhrama ransomware attack on Texas child healthcare provider compromises thousands of patient data.

medical data

A children’s paediatric health centre has been hacked with a wealth of personal data exposed.

Unusually, the hackers created multiple unknown user IDs to access information and no ransom was actually demanded. That being said, healthcare data can be very valuable in itself, so locking an organisation out their own systems to then mine the data is still a crime that may pay dividends to attackers.
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