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Virgin Media data group action – how to launch your claim

Virgin Media data breach claim

In March 2020, Virgin Media announced a shocking revelation about (mainly) customer data being exposed, and the Virgin Media data group action was launched as a result.

The telecoms giant admitted that the personal information of 900,000 customers had been exposed in a large-scale incident. The leak resulted in swathes of people’s information being potentially vulnerable to significant data security risks. As a result, we were compelled into action, and the legal case for justice is in full swing.

We are taking on more and more claims all the time in our fight for justice, and we wish to alert any affected victims that you can still be entitled to join if Virgin Media has notified you of your involvement in the data breach. Please be aware that there will likely be a court-imposed cut-off data for joining the action, so we recommend that you sign up to launch your claim as soon as possible.

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British Airways data breach settlement on the horizon

British Airways

As the start of 2021 marks almost three years since the first breach began, a British Airways data breach settlement is soon expected, as the airline’s lawyers revealed intentions to potentially settle claims out of court.

Under increasing pressure from Your Lawyers, a leading consumer action and data breach firm, this is a big development in a serious breach that affected approximately 400,000 customers in 2018. Your Lawyers, who sit on the Steering Committee responsible for the conduct of the group action, were quick to break the news of this major development, which has featured across prominent media outlets.

The deadline to join the action is not far away. With our current estimations suggesting up to a possible £2.4 million pay-out if all the victims claim, we do not want any affected customers to miss out on their share of compensation. Please start your claim as soon as possible.

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Data breaches at universities: compensation claims advice

university data breach claims

As some of the largest institutions in our society, universities hold huge amounts of personal data, belonging to both their large student populations and their sizeable workforces. As such, it is unsurprising that data breaches at universities have become more common in recent years.

Such breaches can arise from cyberattacks, but they can also result from failures of the universities themselves. As universities grow in size, the challenges of data handling increase, and many universities appear to be falling short of their data protection duties.

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Another year of data breaches goes by…

year of data breaches

As we close out 2020, we mark the fact that it has been another year of data breaches where we have taken forward a large number of new cases and launched new group actions.

It seems that the trend of increasing data breaches is not going to relent anytime soon as our client numbers continue to grow at an exponential pace. We are fighting for justice for thousands of people on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we are seeing many more new clients signing up for our services.

Until there are real improvements in data protection across the UK, we will have to continue to support those who need our help. Victims of a data breach deserve some kind of justice for what they have to suffer from, and that is what we are here to do.

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Wisepay data breach

data breach archive

The Wisepay data breach occurred over several days between 2nd and 5th October 2020. The school services breach is said to have affected over 300 schools’ payments systems over the weekend that it occurred.

We understand that hackers managed to gain access to Wisepay’s systems to gather sensitive information as part of the cyberattack that remained undetected for two full days.

As a specialist law firm with years of experience in the complex field of data breach law, we are here to help you now. We currently represent thousands of claimants for signal cases and in dozens multi-party and group actions, with millions of pounds in damages recovered. We are passionate about fighting for justice for victims of data breaches and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.  

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Flagship Group cyberattack caused by serious ransomware


Websites, systems and services have been offline for over a week after the Flagship Group cyberattack hit the housing company.

An official statement from Flagship Group’s website informs us that, on the 1st November 2020, a major cyberattack occurred that has resulted in most of their systems being taken offline. In quick response to the attack, Flagship Homes took many of their systems and services down to prevent the spread of the event.

It is currently unknown exactly how many people have been affected by the Flagship Group cyberattack. However, it has been confirmed that some personal data has been compromised in the breach. Flagship Group has warned customers to be wary of potential cold calls and phishing emails that could result in fraudulent activity.

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The BA data breach fine – is it enough?

BA data breach

Following the British Airways data breach in 2018, where almost 500,000 customers were affected, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has issued its final fine. The BA data breach fine was announced to be just £20 million – a significant 90% less than the initial proposed intention to fine last year of £183m.

Though £20 million is no small amount, for the international airline, the question is whether this data breach fine is enough to have a proper impact. In terms of how the ICO decides how much it should fine data breach offenders, it should be enough to have a ‘dissuasive effect’ on the company and others in order to warn them from committing further data breaches.

In the case of the BA data breach fine, it is not seen as a high enough amount to have a dissuasive effect when you consider how much of the original proposed amount has been wiped out.

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Virgin Media Group Action launched for data breach victims

Virgin Media data breach claim

The Virgin Media Group Action has been launched for victims of the 2020 data breach, and the telecommunications giant now has weeks to respond or face court action.

In the event that they do not respond and agree to resolve cases amicably by way of an agreed resolution, an application for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) is set to be issued. This will usually lead to claimants’ cases being brought together under one set of efficient proceedings. Crucially, it will usually also lead to a final deadline for people to join the case as well.

Now that the Virgin Media Group Action has been launched, victims of the data breach are urgent to sign-up and start their case as soon as possible.

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Blackbaud cyberattack compensation advice

Blackbaud cyberattack

If you are one of the many victims of the Blackbaud cyberattack, we may be able to represent you for a legal case for data breach compensation.

We are representing clients for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, so if you have yet to sign up for a case, please speak to the team for help and advice now.

If you have been informed that your personal data has been affected by the breach, you could be eligible to claim with us. It is likely that the breach notification will come from the organisation you had provided your information to, but it was the Blackbaud company itself at the centre of the hack.

You may be eligible to claim thousands of pounds in compensation – read on for more guidance.

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Information about how much the average compensation for a data breach is

court deadline

Want to know how much the average compensation settlement is for a data breach legal case so you can try and see what you could be owed?

We appreciate that you may want an insight into this, as it is a common thing that people want to know. Whether you are simply intrigued, or you want to gauge if it is worth claiming or not, we can try and give you some pointers. It is not an exact science to be able to just estimate amounts, but we only take forward claims that we think are worth pursuing.

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Watford Community Housing data leak: No Win, No Fee compensation

email address breaches can you claim for compensation

We are working hard for victims of the Watford Community Housing data leak who have signed-up for our compensation action for justice, on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have yet to start a case and join the action, we recommend that you do so as soon as you can. Here is some brief guidance about the data breach and what you can claim for given the seriousness of the incident. We will also outline our No Win, No Fee commitments and what this means for the clients who benefit from it.

This was a serious leak of personal information, and the law is on your side when it comes to claiming compensation for what has happened.

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easyJet cyberattack compensation

Airline data breach

If you have yet to sign-up for an easyJet cyberattack compensation claim, you still have time to do so and you could benefit from our No Win, No Fee representation today.

We are confident that there is a case to answer which is why we are taking claims forward and taking action on a No Win, No Fee basis. This was a substantial data breach that has led to the personal details for millions of people being exposed. In some cases, payment card data has also been affected.

Our lawyers are fighting for justice for thousands of clients for individual cases and in dozens of different data breach group and multi-party actions. We have launched legal cases for victims of the easyJet incident, and we are here and ready to help you.

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