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TalkTalk fraudsters legal assistance

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If you’ve fallen victim to so-called TalkTalk fraudsters as a result of your information being exposed in the 2015 data breach, we can help you.

Some of the people who have asked us for help who were affected by the TalkTalk data breach have been targeted by fraudsters. Criminals have contacted people posing as TalkTalk, and they’ve been able to convince some people that they’re the real deal. They’ve achieved this because they’ve been able to provide personal data for the victims, including TalkTalk account information, and even details about legitimate complaints that have been made.

We can only assume that the criminals have got hold of this information because of the 2015 breach. That’s why anyone who has been targeted by fraudsters may be able to join the compensation action we’ve been running for the last few years.

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Update in the TalkTalk data breach action


There has been a key update in the TalkTalk data breach scandal from 2015, as the information for thousands more victims affected in the scandal has been found online.

An additional 4,545 customers are understood to have been affected after their information was discovered online. This is in addition to the over 155,000 that were found to have been affected years ago.

We’re representing a group of victims who are claiming data breach compensation having been affected by the original incident. If you’ve yet to claim, or if you’re one of the thousands of additional victims who have been affected, we may be able to help you.

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Still time to start your we-vibe data breach compensation claim

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There’s still time to start your we-vibe data breach compensation claim and be a part of the legal action we’ve been running since news of the scandal hit the headlines.

We’re representing a large group of victims on a No Win, No Fee basis. Claims are live and being pursued in the UK, and we’re still taking cases forward now (just last week we added more Claimants to our growing list).

Although you’re still in time to join the action, we strongly recommend that you initiate your legal case as soon as you can. We’ve been fighting for justice since 2017, so we’re more than two years on from taking cases forward. Deadlines are looming, and we don’t want you to miss out on your chance to claim.

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Bounty data breach compensation advice


We have taken No Win, No Fee claims for compensation forward for victims of the Bounty data breach after the ICO issued a significant fine of £400,000.00.

The fine from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) was issued in accordance with the previous rules before GDPR came into force in May 2018. Victims of the incident may be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation, and we have already been contacted for help.

Our lawyers are fighting for justice in dozens of different data breach actions. This is on top of the individual cases we help people with as well. If you need advice, we can help you on a free and no-obligation basis.

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Police Federation of England and Wales data breach help

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We’ve taken cases on with our No Win, No Fee policy for victims of the recent Police Federation of England and Wales data breach incidents.

The cyber attacks that hit the PFEW took place in March 2019; the first on 9th, and the second on the 21st. Neither were thought to have been specifically targeting PFEW and are understood to have been part of a wider malware incident.

PFEW has confirmed that they’re unable to rule out that information has been exposed. As they’re unable to rule it out, we can take claims for data breach compensation forward for anyone suffering distress as a result of the incident. There could be as many as 120,000 police employees that have been hit by the breaches.

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Action taken in wake of Marriott cyber attack

Action has been taken in the wake of the massive Marriott cyber attack that was revealed last year, both here in the U.K. and in the U.S.

In the U.K., victims may be entitled to make a claim for data breach compensation if you were one of the 500 million people affected. If you’re a resident in England or Wales, we can represent you for the case. A claim is separate to any enforcement action and fines that may be issue by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). Those fines alone could end up in the hundreds of millions.

As well as claims and fines, testimonies and apologies took place last month as well. Here’s the latest.

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We could see a huge Marriott GDPR fine

data breaches expected to soar with introduction of new gdpr rules

The scale of the Marriott GDPR fine that could be issued after last year’s huge data breach incident could set the precedent. And it could be significant.

The Marriott data breach saw a wealth of personal and account data exposed for a number of years between 2014 and 2018. It affected some 500m people and may have compromised passports and exposed travel information. As such, this is an incredibly serous data breach, and any punishment issued will need to reflect that.

The costs of dealing with the breach, plus the legal action costs and regulatory fines, could be monstrous for the hotel chain.

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Joining the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK

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You can join the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK that we have been helping clients for since news broke of the data breach back in 2017.

We now act for a large number of Claimants who have instructed us to represent them in their fight for justice. This was a preventable breach that has caused distress to a number of victims who were caught up in the incident. The vulnerability with Equifax’s systems should have been identified earlier as well.

If you’ve yet to join the Equifax lawsuit in the UK, there’s still time to do so. But you should get involved ASAP to avoid missing any key deadlines in the action.

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Claim Equifax data breach compensation

You may be eligible to claim Equifax data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis if you were a victim of the huge 2017 cyberattack.

We launched our legal action for justice once news of the breach hit the headlines. Since then, we’ve been taking cases on and we’re now acting for a large group of victims.

You still have time to join the Equifax data breach compensation action, but we’re urging anyone who has yet to sign-up to do so ASAP. There are deadlines to claim, and there could be court-imposed deadlines put in place as well. The action is well underway.

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Dixons Carphone data breach compensation

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You still have time to join the Dixons Carphone data breach compensation action we launched, and you can claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The massive 2017 Dixons Carphone data breach was  huge and affected millions of people. Although the breach took place in 2017, the news of the incident was only reported a year later in 2018. The reason for the shocking delay was apparently down to the discovery of the breach after internal changes and investigations by the troubled company.

The legal action for justice is well underway, but you still have time to join and start your case today.

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Marriott data breach compensation action

You may be eligible to claim Marriott data breach compensation if you’ve yet to sign-up for legal representation.

This was a huge breach with around 500m people affected across the globe. Personal and contact information had been exposed since 2014 in some cases. Payment card data was also exposed in the breach, potentially leaving victims at an imminent risk of fraud.

We can help victims claiming Marriott data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that you do not have to pay for our legal fees if the case doesn’t win, so long as you abide by the T’s and C’s of our agreement.

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