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Cloud data leaks: claiming compensation

local council data breach

We may see more and more cloud data leaks as society continues to move toward digital hosting and pulls away from physical hardware situated in an actual business premises.

A huge amount of the infrastructure that is now being deployed is used and stored in the cloud, so it is vulnerable to errors that can lead to leaks, or cyberattacks that can compromise whole systems.

Any defence is only as good as its weakest link, and the exact same can be said for how well protected and how secure information is from employee error. This is why defences, training, policies, and procedures must be the absolute best that they can be.

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Hospitals and the healthcare sector: data breach compensation

large medical healthcare data breaches

Victims of data breaches that involve hospitals and the healthcare sector can be entitled to claim compensation for any distress caused, and we are able to offer No Win, No Fee legal agreements.

We often find that the impact in these kinds of cases is significant, and the level of distress that can be caused can be substantial and can have a real and lasting impact on the victims. As such, justice for anyone affected by a breach that involves healthcare data is essential, which is why we do what we do.

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Take action following a data breach: how we help you

year of data breaches

It is important to take action following a data breach. As a victim whose personal information has been misused or exposed, you have rights.

We know, as leading Data Breach Lawyers, just how badly people can suffer when they have lost control over their personal information. The law is also on your side, and it can be used to pursue damages when you have been wronged due to a privacy misuse or exposure event.

For eligible clients, we are proud to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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Data breach group actions: claiming compensation

council data breaches

You could be entitled to claim compensation by engaging in one of our data breach group actions, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients.

Thousands of people can come together to claim as part of a single action, and each one could be entitled to receive potentially thousands of pounds in damages. We are experts in this area of law, and the team is always happy to speak to people about joining current actions or to discuss potential new actions.

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Compensation for a leak of private medical information

Virgin Media data breach action

You could be eligible to claim compensation if you have suffered due to the leak of private medical information, and we know that the impact can be substantial.

As Leading Data Breach Lawyers, we have been fighting for justice for thousands of privacy breach clients since 2014. Our specialist team has recovered over £1m in data breach damages for mostly individual clients to date, and we continue to lead the way for justice when people suffer due to their personal information being misused or exposed.

Our experience speaks for itself. It’s why we know just how severe a medical data leak can be, and how you can trust in us to fight for your right to justice now.

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Local government cyberattacks: compensation advice


Anyone affected by local government cyberattacks could be eligible to pursue a claim for data breach compensation now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Given that local authorities and the agencies they outsource work to store and process a wealth of personal and sensitive information, any hack that leads to the exposure of data can be significant. They can affect a lot of people and cause a severe impact given the nature of what can be misused or exposed.

We can help. For eligible clients, we can pursue a legal case for compensation, and you could be owed thousands of pounds in damages by pursuing a claim now.

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Lichfield District Council – one example of poor data security

sign-up for a Virgin Media data breach

A previous meeting at Lichfield District Council told of the reportedly poor attitude toward data protection at the council, which was apparently described by one councillor as “verging on negligent”. We do hope that these issues have now been resolved, as the security issues could put the council in breach of the GDPR.

Every organisation and individual is required by law to handle information with caution and with respect for the right to data privacy, so any failures in this duty could be subject to enforcement and punishment. In addition, many victims affected by data breaches may have a right to claim compensation from those who failed to protect the personal data that they are responsible for. We support victims to assert their rights when it comes to data protection, so contact us for advice if you think your rights have been breached. We may be able to help you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Virgin Media data leak: two years on

court deadline judge

We are now two years on since news of the Virgin Media data leak first hit the headlines, and we continue to represent thousands of victims claiming with us on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The data breach affected some 900,000 people, most of whom were customers, and it stemmed from a marketing database being left unsecured and accessible online. During the data breach period that lasted between April 2019 and February 2020, at least one unknown third party is understood to have accessed the data, and the breach was only discovered by an independent security researcher.

Not long after the discovery of the data leak, victims were contacted, and we then received inquiries from those affected asking us for help and advice to claim compensation.

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Claim compensation for a healthcare data breach

medical data

Healthcare professionals owe several duties to their patients, one of which is ensuring that their medical information remains confidential and is only used and shared with other doctors when necessary for diagnosis and treatment purposes. This central tenet of the medical profession is something all doctors learn in their training. However, unfortunately, the integrity of our doctors is being let down all too frequently by data protection negligence across the healthcare sector. When a healthcare data breach occurs, it can put one of the central requirements of medical practice at risk.

The healthcare sector is one of the most vulnerable sectors in terms of cyberattacks, but is also one plagued by human error data breaches, in which the employees themselves are responsible for the exposure of private information. If you have felt the repercussions of a healthcare data breach, you may well know the harm that can be caused to the victims.

We have pursued many data breach compensation claims relating to the healthcare sector over the years, including group and multi-party actions such as the infamous 56 Dean Street clinic data breach. We encourage anyone affected by a breach like this to come forward for advice on their potential claim, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients.

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Confidential information claims for data breach victims

Unfortunately, there are many circumstances in which a person’s data may be compromised or exposed, after which they can become vulnerable to a number of security risks. With such potential dangers involved, it is vital that those responsible for threatening information security and breaching data protection law are held to account. This is why it is important for affected victims to pursue confidential information claims for breaches.

Data security is a concern that has grown in the public consciousness in recent years, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As we lead increasingly digitised lives, and share our personal information with more and more companies, the risks can be greater. Whilst this should not be the case, increased data sharing often comes with inherent information security risks if the data controllers to whom you are disclosing your details to fail to comply with the GDPR.

However, there is a legal process that can enable victims to seek justice when they are affected by data breaches. The GDPR can entitle those who have had their data protection rights breached to claim compensation for the harm caused to them, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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The risks of reusing passwords

Ticketmaster data breach compensation

In principle, most of us should recognise the value of creating complex, unique passwords for each of our online accounts, but many of us find it difficult to apply this principle in practice. Until we are directly confronted with a compromised security event, few of us may comprehend the risks of reusing passwords. It is for this reason that we think it’s important to reiterate the dangers of this fundamental security error, particularly in a world in which we are constantly facing the threats of cybercrime.

In the digital world, just one stolen or leaked password could allow a cybercriminal to unlock a wealth of valuable information. As hackers continue to develop more sophisticated methods, password misuse could be regarded as a growing phenomenon.

We are a firm of specialist data protection lawyers, so we know all too well the dangers that victims of information exposure can be made vulnerable to. In our capacity as data breach specialists, we want to empower our clients to protect their data security as far as they can, which is why we are offering this advice as a basic data protection strategy.

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Data protection breaches and compensation claims

Credit Debit Card Hacked

In a world of digital consumerism, we are constantly disclosing personal information online for purposes such as purchasing goods and services, signing up for marketing emails, and making job applications. As a result, there are likely dozens of companies that are in possession of our personal information, kept in digital format in huge databases. Unfortunately, while many data stores are kept secure in order to comply with data protection law, other companies fail to sufficiently protect their data subjects’ information. There are, therefore, many people falling victim to data protection breaches and compensation claims can provide a route to justice.

As specialists in data protection, we believe that some data controllers are still not taking their legal obligations seriously. Consumers are already at a risk of cybercrime, so it is unacceptable that supposedly legitimate and reputable companies are exposing victims to further security risks.

If you have had your data compromised by a third-party organisation, you should not suffer in silence. In accordance with data protection law, you can assert your rights by pursuing a claim for compensation for any injustice you may have faced.

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