British Airways data breach settlement on the horizon

British Airways

As the start of 2021 marks almost three years since the first breach began, a British Airways data breach settlement is soon expected, as the airline’s lawyers revealed intentions to potentially settle claims out of court.

Under increasing pressure from Your Lawyers, a leading consumer action and data breach firm, this is a big development in a serious breach that affected approximately 400,000 customers in 2018. Your Lawyers, who sit on the Steering Committee responsible for the conduct of the group action, were quick to break the news of this major development, which has featured across prominent media outlets.

The deadline to join the action is not far away. With our current estimations suggesting up to a possible £2.4 million pay-out if all the victims claim, we do not want any affected customers to miss out on their share of compensation. Please start your claim as soon as possible.

How the British Airways data breach scandal unravelled

Over the course of 2018, BA was involved in two major customer data breaches, for which it has since been found responsible for by the Information Commissioner’s Office. A fine was issued to the airline in the sum of £20 million for its failure to protect private data.

The first breach, occurring between April and July 2018, saw BA rewards customers fall victim to the exposure of personal and financial data. The second, occurring between August and September 2018, exposed customer data through breaches of the airline’s mobile app and website.

As one of the most significant data breaches in recent years, BA has been plagued by damning headlines ever since the breaches were revealed. We recognised the severity of the breach immediately and were quick to alert BA customers of their potential to start a claim with us.

The progress of the Group Litigation Order

As mentioned above, Your Lawyers (T/A The Data Breach Lawyers) is one of the leading law firms on the Steering Committee for the Group Litigation Order. Our work has been instrumental in bringing claims forward with a British Airways data breach settlement possibly now in view.

As the GLO was announced in October 2019, our clients have been waiting for a major development like this for over two years. We estimate that each claimant could be entitled to an average of up to £6,000 in compensation. For affected customers with a severe psychological injury, a pay-out could extend to £16,000.

Start your claim to benefit from any potential British Airways data breach settlement

It is vital that any further affected BA customers register in the group action as soon as possible if they wish to claim their share of any British Airways data breach settlement that may take place.

We are representing clients for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, and there has been a huge rush in new sign-ups since news of the potential settlement broke in the media. Further, the fact that the deadline is now fast approaching has also led to a surge in new clients bringing their claims.

Start your case now to avoid missing out here.

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