Virgin Media data group action – how to launch your claim

Virgin Media data breach claim

In March 2020, Virgin Media announced a shocking revelation about (mainly) customer data being exposed, and the Virgin Media data group action was launched as a result.

The telecoms giant admitted that the personal information of 900,000 customers had been exposed in a large-scale incident. The leak resulted in swathes of people’s information being potentially vulnerable to significant data security risks. As a result, we were compelled into action, and the legal case for justice is in full swing.

We are taking on more and more claims all the time in our fight for justice, and we wish to alert any affected victims that you can still be entitled to join if Virgin Media has notified you of your involvement in the data breach. Please be aware that there will likely be a court-imposed cut-off data for joining the action, so we recommend that you sign up to launch your claim as soon as possible.

A recap of the Virgin Media data breach

The data breach arose because an employee/employees at Virgin Media failed to secure a marketing database. This left (mostly) customer data vulnerable to unauthorised access for a ten-month period.

In fact, it took the insight of an external security researcher to identify the problem.

The potential to label this as a human error incident made the breach no less serious, and there has no doubt been a blow to the company’s reputation as a result of the incident. Among the exposed information were phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses, potentially leaving victims vulnerable to fraud attempts through several different avenues, such as scam phone calls or phishing emails.

Claiming in the Virgin Media data group action

All you need to do to claim in the Virgin Media data group action is have been notified by Virgin Media that your data was affected in the breach. Your involvement in the breach alone could be enough to justify a claim, but there are other factors that can enhance your claim and compensation value as well.

For example, victims could be eligible to claim General Damages in accordance with the GDPR. This could mean being entitled to compensation for any distress suffered as a result of the breach. In addition, data protection laws can allow you to be compensated for financial losses suffered due to things like fraud resulting from the data leak; a form of reimbursement classified as Special Damages.

The Data Breach Lawyers- launch your claim today

At The Data Breach Lawyers, we always have two key aims in our data breach actions: compensating our clients for losses and distress that they have suffered, and holding companies to account for their negligence.

We are confident that we have the expertise and experience to execute these aims in the Virgin Media data group action. Not only do we have a long history of data breach claims and group action lawsuits, we are also currently sitting on the Steering Committee responsible for leading the first ever GDPR group action in the UK against British Airways.

As such, you could place your data breach group action in no better hands than The Data Breach Lawyers. We can offer eligible clients No Win, No Fee representation.

To join our Virgin Media data group action, head over to our Virgin Media Claims site to start your claim today.

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