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Every data breach can have a damaging impact on its victims, but the most impactful are perhaps those which happen at large corporations or organisations. The sheer amount of information exposed can be huge if a large company’s systems are subjected to a hack or a security error. In the most wide-reaching cases, thousands or even millions of victims could become vulnerable to criminal activity. Groups of data breach victims can claim compensation together in data breach group action cases, and we engage in this style of work a lot.

We have played a key role in many consumer group actions over the years, helping thousands of victims to achieve justice and win the compensation that they deserve. There can be strength in numbers – claiming in one group can allow us to present a strong, collective force against the defendants, and it can also demonstrate how harmful the implications of the data breach have been.

Large-scale litigation following data breaches

When lots of claimants sign up for representation regarding the same data breach, it often becomes necessary to collate these claims in a group action. Although all the claimants may have the same or similar grievances against the defendants, each claim can still be weighed up and valued on an individual basis to ensure that each claimant receives the compensation that they deserve for their case.

Data breach group actions cases can often arise when organisations responsible for a significant amount of information handling fail to store or process data securely. These organisations could be hospitals, councils, or huge consumer companies.

Claiming in our data breach group action cases

Among our current major data breach group action cases are our lawsuits against Equifax, British Airways and Virgin Media, all of which relate to allegations of failing to keep personal data secure, most of which belonged to customers. In fact, Equifax and British Airways have already been subjected to fines from the ICO, so now we are determined to make sure that victims receive justice too.

In most of our group actions, victims can be eligible to claim compensation for the distress caused by the data breach, and any financial losses or expenses that have been incurred. In fact, claims for distress often make up the majority of the overall compensation pay-out, so not suffering any financial impact should never dissuade you from claiming.

Over all our past data breach cases that have settled, our 2021 average compensation pay-out for an individual client is just over £6,000, so this gives you an idea of the kind of compensation you may be able to recover if you are an eligible claimant.

Start your compensation claim

If you think you may have a data breach claim to make, we will be happy to discuss your case and advise you on how to proceed. You may even be able to join one of our data breach group action cases if you have been affected by incidents involving many victims.

Our experience in data breach cases over the years has put us at the forefront of this new and still emerging area of law. We are committed to using our up-to-date expertise to continue supporting clients in this developing area of law, so you can trust that we will work hard to bring you the compensation you deserve.

We can also offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients.

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