Joining the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK

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You can join the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK that we have been helping clients for since news broke of the data breach back in 2017.

We now act for a large number of Claimants who have instructed us to represent them in their fight for justice. This was a preventable breach that has caused distress to a number of victims who were caught up in the incident. The vulnerability with Equifax’s systems should have been identified earlier as well.

If you’ve yet to join the Equifax lawsuit in the UK, there’s still time to do so. But you should get involved ASAP to avoid missing any key deadlines in the action.

About the Equifax lawsuit in the UK

We launched our Equifax lawsuit in the UK back in 2017 when news of this mega breach hit the headlines. This was an entirely preventable breach that stemmed from a simple failure to patch a known security vulnerability. It also didn’t help that Equifax failed to identify the ongoing vulnerability as well.

Right now, we’re acting for a large group of victims of the breach. They’re claiming data breach compensation for the distress caused as well as for any financial losses caused as well.

Progress of the Equifax lawsuit in the UK

Our Equifax lawsuit in the UK is well underway. We continue to build the cases and we’re confident we can with the action.

That’s why we’ve agreed to act for our clients on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We’re at an important stage of the process, but its not too late to claim. However, this year will be two years on since the breach first hit the news. There can be a number of key deadlines in a case of this nature and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to claim potentially thousands of pounds in data breach compensation.

In the US, two class actions lawsuits were recently consolidated and given the go ahead by the Judge. The US is typically faster in terms of their legal processes, although we welcome this positive step forward for justice across the pond.

To join the Equifax lawsuit in the UK, please contact our team for help today. Our initial advice is free and on a no-obligation basis.

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