British Airways data breach claim settlement – you can still claim

BA data breach

The recent British Airways data breach claim settlement news is good, but our legal action against the airline continues. Only a portion of the 420,000 affected victims are set to receive pay-outs in this settlement, so British Airways still has a lot of claims to resolve, and your chance to claim is not over at all.

Although another law firm has chosen to settle, if you have yet to make a claim, you still have a chance to join our group action to seek the justice you deserve. It is unclear how much this initial group of claims have been settled for, but we are confident that continuing our action against British Airways will enable us to pursue the best possible outcome for our clients.

Hundreds of thousands of victims of the British Airways data breach have still yet to achieve justice. We encourage anyone who has still not sought legal advice to contact our specialist team today, or to register their claim via our online form.

The British Airways data breach claim settlement – what does this mean for claimants?

One law firm in the British Airways GLO decided to settle claims against the airline. As part of the settlement agreement, the compensation pay-outs are to be kept confidential, so it is not clear how many of the claimants will receive damages or what the compensation amounts are.

It has also been established that the British Airways data breach claim settlement does not include an acceptance of liability from the airline, which is unsurprising given that BA has continually denied any wrongdoing throughout the group action process. However, in our eyes, this early settlement is an indication that British Airways is fully aware of its culpability and its responsibility to pay claims.

Your British Airways compensation claim

Most importantly, the British Airways data breach claim settlement does not put an end to your chance to claim. We are still proceeding with all the claims for our current claimants, and we can take on further cases if you have yet to make your claim.

As part of our group action, we can look to recover compensation for any distress you suffered as a result of the data breach, or for any financial losses or expenses incurred due to the incident. This financial element will be particularly important in any future British Airways data breach claim settlement, as a number of our claimants had unauthorised transactions on their account due to the exposure of their payment card information.

Join our group action today

There are still hundreds of thousands of victims who have yet to claim in the British Airways data breach group action, and we want to help as many of these victims to access compensation as possible.

If you were notified of your involvement in the British Airways data breach, you can use our online form today to confirm your eligibility and start your No Win, No Fee claim here now. However, the time to join the action could be running out soon, so it is important to make your claim as soon as possible to avoid missing out on recovering compensation.

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