Virgin Media data breach compensation case

In March 2020, it was discovered that Virgin Media was at the centre of a data breach that allowed the personal information of 900,000 people to become vulnerable to unauthorised access. With their information held in an unsecured database, those affected by the data exposure were put at risk of potential data misuse by cybercriminals. In our eyes, the breach should never have happened, which is why we are fighting to bring justice to the victims in our Virgin Media data breach compensation case.

We launched our action last year and we already have thousands of victims signed up to make a compensation claim with us. If you were involved in the data breach, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, so we encourage any other affected victims to come forward and make a claim.

As we are collecting all the claims into one case, we have the strength of numbers behind us. Our sign-up form on our Virgin Media group action website makes it quick and easy to join the fight to hold Virgin Media to account.

Data protection negligence and the Virgin Media data breach

When the Virgin Media data breach was revealed, it was said that both registered Virgin Media customers and a number of other UK victims had been affected by the exposure of their personal data. The affected database, which held personal information for marketing purposes, was reportedly left unsecured for a 10-month period. The exposed information included postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

The length of time for which a database remained vulnerable seems to suggest that Virgin Media was not adequately monitoring the security of its systems. The company claimed that the database had been incorrectly configured by an individual employee, but this assessment of the breach does not explain away what looks to us like company-wide negligence. Our Virgin Media data breach compensation action aims to ensure that the company is held to account for its breach of data protection law.

Virgin Media data breach compensation case- can I claim?

To claim in our Virgin Media data breach compensation case, you only need to have received a notification from Virgin Media itself confirming that you were affected by the data breach. This fact alone can be enough to make you eligible to start a claim.

As in any data breach claim, those affected could be eligible to claim compensation for the distress they have suffered as a result, and we can also aim to recover compensation to cover any financial losses or expenses caused. For example, if you have fallen victim to fraud after being targeted by a criminal in possession of your private contact details, this may have resulted directly from the Virgin Media data breach, and so you may be able to recover compensation to reflect these kinds of losses.

Make your claim today

Anyone affected could be eligible to join our Virgin Media data breach compensation case to make a claim. It is unacceptable that the incident was allowed to occur at the cost of data privacy, so we want to ensure that those affected can recover the compensation deserve.

As specialists in data breach claims, we have been representing clients for privacy matters since 2014. Our experience has led us to represent claimants for high-profile data breach group actions, one of which is the British Airways group action, the first GDPR Group Litigation Order in England and Wales.

To sign up for expert representation, go to our Virgin Media group action site and register your details today.

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