Making a British Airways data breach claim the right way

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There can be good ways and bad ways to make a British Airways data breach claim. As an expert firm that specialises in data breaches and consumer actions, here’s some guidance for you.

We know that it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to looking for the perfect law firm to represent you. We know that many people are wary of lawyers, and given there are some bad firms out there, we can understand why. That being said, we are regulated, but there are differences in the experiences you will get with different firms.

As our name states, we are the Data Breach Lawyers; and we’re that for a very good reason. We can outline what we do and how we believe that it can be most beneficial for you.

Making a British Airways data breach claim with us

If you instruct us to represent you for your British Airways data breach claim, there’s a great deal that we can do for you. You can also benefit from our special position in the action as well.

Here’s what you get with us:

  • We’re a specialist data breach compensation firm who have been helping people for these kinds of cases for years – a lot longer than many others out there;
  • We’re involved in dozens of different data breach group and multi-party actions, including some of the most infamous and earliest;
  • We’re actually on the Steering Committee for the BA Group Action. This means that we’re jointly responsible for the overall conduct of the litigation. This appointment was made by the High Court of Justice given our involvement in the action and our experience, as it isn’t the first;
  • We offer No Win, No Fee representation. We also already have insurance and funding in place for our clients, which is vital for pursuing a group action case;
  • We aim for excellence when it comes to our service – from how we treat our clients, to the fact that we’re open most weeknights until 10pm, and open on weekends too.

We think that’s a pretty good skill set that demonstrates our specialism and experience in this niche and complex area of law.

What to be wary of

When considering a firm to place your important British Airways data breach claim with, there are things to watch out for.

Any firm that hasn’t been fighting this battle for justice since news of the breaches broke in 2018 should ring alarm bells in our view. If they didn’t attend the key October 2019 hearing when the Group Litigation Order (GLO) was formed, we would also be suspicious.

Funding and insurance that we mentioned above are vital for group actions. If a firm that you speak to hasn’t got those sorted, you may be unable to even join the official GLO as it stands.

Also, be very wary of some marketing claims being made by some firms. We have seen some totally misleading content online. We can back up our statements above, but given what we’ve seen from others, we know for a fact that some can’t. It’s very worrying that there are firms out there that are prepared to make such false claims.

Starting a claim with us

The choice is yours. But, if you want to start your British Airways data breach claim with us, simply go to the BA Group Action website here.

The process for getting a claim up and running is quick and easy. Just a few questions to answer and a little information we need, and you could launch your claim right away.

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