Month: September 2019

Greater Manchester NHS patients compensation for improper medical records access

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If you’re one of the 2,000 or so Greater Manchester NHS patients whose medical records have been accessed inappropriately, you may be entitled to make a claim for NHS data breach compensation.

The Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust has written to patients affected by this scandal. An investigation that followed a complaint revealed that thousands of people’s medical records had been accessed by a number of NHS employees without need or authority to do so.

Across an 18-month period, some records had been subject to a single access event, whereas others had been accessed on a number of occasions. It’s yet to be confirmed which staff are responsible for the access events as well.

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British Airways class action Daily Mail feature: 17 weeks to join

BA data breach

Lawyers fighting for justice in the British Airways class action have spoken to the Daily Mail about the potential for an incredibly short court cut-off date of just 17 WEEKS to join the action.

Aman Johal, Director of Your Lawyers, hailed the actions of BA’s lawyers as a “new low” and a “disgrace”. He said:

(BA) has let down hundreds of thousands of customers by losing their card payment details. Now it is failing them again by giving everyone affected just 17 weeks to claim rightful compensation for the distress caused. Never mind ‘To fly, to serve’, BA should change its tagline to ‘To fly, to swerve responsibility’. I encourage everyone affected to act quickly to ensure they don’t miss out.”

If you’ve yet to sign-up to join the BA Group Action, we recommend that you do so as soon as you possibly can to avoid missing out.

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Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic email leak

email address breaches can you claim for compensation

We’re taking compensation claims forward on a No Win, No Fee basis for victims of the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic email leak.

The GIC sent two separate emails to groups of around 900 individuals per email with information relating to an art competition. Unfortunately, instead of using proper mailing software, it appears that the clinic simply used the “CC” (carbon copy) function. This has resulted in recipients’ information – at least email addresses, and possibly names – being leaked to all other recipients of the email.

This isn’t the first time an email data leak of this nature has happened. We continue to fight for the rights of victims affected by the infamous 56 Dean Street Clinic leak which was a similar incident.

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Private cybersecurity firms putting the NHS at risk?


Concerns have been raised about private cybersecurity firms putting the NHS at risk. We see NHS data breach claims all the time, so we can tell you from first-hand experience just how bad the impact can be for the victims, and that’s why this is an important subject to look at.

As the NHS continues to struggle under considerable financial constraints and budget cuts, outsourcing cybersecurity could look like an attractive option. But there has to be specialists in the NHS who understand the nature of the risks being faced, and too much outsourcing can do more harm than good.

There’s a reason that a huge proportion of the cases that we take forward involve the healthcare sector. They are a clear target for criminals, and the nature of medical data being so personal and sensitive can have a far greater impact on the victim.

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