British Airways class action Daily Mail feature: 17 weeks to join

BA data breach

Lawyers fighting for justice in the British Airways class action have spoken to the Daily Mail about the potential for an incredibly short court cut-off date of just 17 WEEKS to join the action.

Aman Johal, Director of Your Lawyers, hailed the actions of BA’s lawyers as a “new low” and a “disgrace”. He said:

(BA) has let down hundreds of thousands of customers by losing their card payment details. Now it is failing them again by giving everyone affected just 17 weeks to claim rightful compensation for the distress caused. Never mind ‘To fly, to serve’, BA should change its tagline to ‘To fly, to swerve responsibility’. I encourage everyone affected to act quickly to ensure they don’t miss out.”

If you’ve yet to sign-up to join the BA Group Action, we recommend that you do so as soon as you possibly can to avoid missing out.

17 weeks to join the British Airways class action

Victims of the 2018 cyber-attacks may have as little as 17 weeks to join the British Airways class action, or face missing out on the chance to claim.

The “unprecedented” action of BA launching their own application for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) may mean hundreds of thousands of victims miss out on claiming unless they sign-up without delay. The short cut-off date is believed to be one that BA’s lawyers desire, but it could mean that many people miss their chance to claim.

If you miss the deadline to join a group action, you are usually unable to benefit from any settlement that arises in the action. In previous group actions, we have seen another law firm miss the deadline, and their application to join late was refused.

How much could you be entitled to claim?

Each case being pursued as part of the British Airways class action will likely be assessed on its own individual merits.

On average, Claimants may be entitled to receive around £6,000.00.

In extreme cases, claim valuations could reach as much as £16,000.00.

But with the October 2019 hearing fast approaching, and the possibility of an incredibly short cut-off date to join the BA Group Action, people could miss out.

It’s important to get started with a No Win, No Fee case as soon as you possibly can.

Join the British Airways class action

To join the British Airways class action, all you need to do is go to the BA Group Action website here and check your eligibility.

If you meet the criteria to make a claim, you can then start your case there and then. It’s that simple.

Don’t miss out with the possibility of the short deadline to join the group action!

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