Month: December 2020

Another year of data breaches goes by…

year of data breaches

As we close out 2020, we mark the fact that it has been another year of data breaches where we have taken forward a large number of new cases and launched new group actions.

It seems that the trend of increasing data breaches is not going to relent anytime soon as our client numbers continue to grow at an exponential pace. We are fighting for justice for thousands of people on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we are seeing many more new clients signing up for our services.

Until there are real improvements in data protection across the UK, we will have to continue to support those who need our help. Victims of a data breach deserve some kind of justice for what they have to suffer from, and that is what we are here to do.

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Dr Thair Altaii jailed over privacy violations

medical data breaches

Dr Thair Altaii received a prison sentence after he was caught filming female patients whilst they were being examined, and he stored images and videos on his personal laptop.

This behaviour is a violation of human rights, medical confidentiality, and data protection laws; notwithstanding the fact that it is simply immoral and wrong. Victims should be able to put their trust in medical experts to not violate their privacy and patient confidentiality, and this has been severely broken in this case.

We understand the impact that breaches like this can have on patients and their lives and we want to help victims fight for the justice they deserve for this privacy violation. Contact our expert legal team today for free no-obligation advice if you were a victim of the Dr Thair Altaii data breaches.

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Compensation for banking app scams

banking app scams

Banking app scams are one of the latest ways in which hackers are targeting victims. People have lost thousands of pounds to these kinds of scams, but there can be a way to make a claim for damages and loss.

One of the common ways scammers are exploiting people is using a technique called ‘spoofing’. This can make the caller appear as the same number as a bank or a legitimate organisation, tricking the victim into believing that the call is legitimate.

In many cases, scammers get hold of the victims’ details from data breaches. They can then contact them and use real information to convince the victim that they are genuine. Victims can then be subjected to fraudulent transactions or being duped into handing over money or more information to be abused.

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Make a claim for stolen healthcare data

large medical healthcare data breaches

If your personal data has been stolen or breached, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim today. Stolen healthcare data can be extremely serious, and victims could be eligible to receive a substantial compensation amount if they are the victim of this kind of incident.

Here, we can briefly advise about why healthcare data is targeted, why this can lead to dangers for victims, and what you can claim for when it comes to stolen healthcare data.

This is a case type that we are used to representing people for, and a lot of the people that we act for have suffered due to some form of medical data breach. The impact for the victim is often serious, so it is important for victims to know their rights; especially as we are able to offer No Win, No Fee representation for eligible clients.

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