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large medical healthcare data breaches

If your personal data has been stolen or breached, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim today. Stolen healthcare data can be extremely serious, and victims could be eligible to receive a substantial compensation amount if they are the victim of this kind of incident.

Here, we can briefly advise about why healthcare data is targeted, why this can lead to dangers for victims, and what you can claim for when it comes to stolen healthcare data.

This is a case type that we are used to representing people for, and a lot of the people that we act for have suffered due to some form of medical data breach. The impact for the victim is often serious, so it is important for victims to know their rights; especially as we are able to offer No Win, No Fee representation for eligible clients.

Why healthcare data is a target for theft

Stolen healthcare data can be extremely valuable to criminals which is why hospitals and medical practices are often targeted by cyberattacks. Hospitals usually hold highly sensitive data on individuals that can include sensitive medical information, disability information, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, general medical histories, National Insurance numbers, and the usual contact information.

Cybercriminals could then use this stolen healthcare data in a number of ways to profit from it. Firstly, they could use ransomware to encrypt healthcare databases until a ransom fee is paid. In many cases, it can be easier and quicker for healthcare practices to pay ransom fees to regain access to the information that could prove to be a matter of life and death for a patient.

Cybercriminals could also use an individual’s stolen data to sell on the “dark web” or to other criminals. Each piece of information can have a value, and some can be worth more than others. For example, sensitive medical statuses could be seen as more valuable than email addresses because criminals could use it to try and blackmail victims.

What can you claim for stolen healthcare data?

Stolen healthcare data can put individuals at serious risk – personal information, in the wrong hands, can leave victims vulnerable to all sorts of criminal activity. They could be targeted for fraud, phishing scams, identity theft, or be vulnerable to malicious prejudiced attacks for their sexuality, race, or disability, as examples.

In many cases of a healthcare breach, victims will suffer serious distress as a result of the incident and could claim high amounts of damages. Each claim is different and can be assessed as to the severity of the incident, but we can look at past claims along with our expert opinions to give you an idea of what you could claim.

In straightforward cases where there has been an exposure of important data, claims could be in the £4,000.00 mark. However, in cases where private and very sensitive data has been exposed, claims can be valued in the region of £25,000.00.

Start your claim today

If you have been the victim of a healthcare data breach and have had your sensitive information exposed or misused, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim today.

Speak to a member of our legal team today and they can usually tell you within minutes if you have an eligible claim.

We are able to offer eligible victims representation on a No Win, No Fee basis, subject to our terms and conditions.

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