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Cybersecurity month 2021 – the importance of our work

year of data breaches

The importance of our work in fighting for the rights of data breach victims is highlighted with the annual passing of Cybersecurity month 2021.

It is not just about what has happened, what can be better, and how we can improve the overall landscape of data protection matters. It is also about recognising that real people have suffered injustice and distress when their personal and private information has been exposed or misused. And this is important to recognise.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, our job is to support those affected by such incidents and make sure that they can access some form of justice for what they have had to go through. This is why we can offer No Win, No Fee legal support to victims now.

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Watford Community Housing data leak

email address breaches can you claim for compensation

Over a year has passed since the Watford Community Housing data leak, in which an erroneous email caused thousands of tenants’ personal information to be exposed. Data security was not the only thing to be compromised, with some victims feeling their personal safety was also at risk.

In our eyes, the data leak constituted a severe case of data protection negligence, in which a basic error was allowed to cause significant damage to thousands of victims. As specialists in data breach claims, we have often witnessed poor awareness of the severity of breaches such as the Watford Community Housing leak, and our work is important to make sure that victims receive some form of justice for what has happened.

We want to reassure victims that we know how distressing these incidents can be, and to remind them that they still have a chance to make a compensation claim. In fact, you could be entitled to make a claim on a No Win, No Fee basis, so make sure to seek our advice today for more information if you have yet to join the compensation action.

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Twitch data leak exposes earnings information and pay-out lists

data breaches

The recently reported Twitch data leak is understood to have exposed the earnings information for streamers, whose data is now said to be circulating on pay-out lists on the internet.

Earnings and pay-out information for the streamers affected is personal data that they should be allowed to have full control over. The fact that it has now been exposed means that those affected could be eligible to pursue a claim for data breach compensation. For anyone eligible for a legal case, we are able to offer No Win, No Fee arrangements.

Read on for more advice and information, and please do not hesitate to contact the team for free, no-obligation help now.

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Passwords found on the dark web

Blackbaud data breach ransomware

As a tool for accessing online accounts, passwords can often be a key target for cybercriminals. As such, when a data breach or cyberattack occurs, passwords can be among the most valuable information for the hackers to get hold of in the incident. In the aftermath of incidents like these, passwords found on the dark web can be a sign of the scale of the data theft, and the security threat to the affected victims.

Security researchers are often searching the dark web for indications of consumer data theft, and there have been a number of alarming news stories in recent years detailing how much personal information may be circulating on the dark web. The sharing, sale and purchasing of data is a highly worrying prospect, particularly for those who know that their information has been exposed.

When a third-party company fails to protect your personal data, this can make it vulnerable to misuse by cybercriminals. Nobody should be put in these dangerous situations, which is why data breach victims can be entitled to claim compensation for the harm caused on a No Win, No Fee basis with us.

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Public Health England data breach risks

nurse snooping medical records

The healthcare sector is widely viewed as a prime target for cybercriminals, who seek to take advantage of organisations that hold a wide array of sensitive information. While hospitals are often seen as hotspots of data theft and misuse, peripheral healthcare organisations are not always considered in the data breach threat. In view of this, the risk of a Public Health England data breach is something that should always be considered.

Public Health England has wide-reaching responsibilities relating to the improvement of the general health of our population, and the provision of services for health and social care. In fact, according to its own website, one of Public Health England’s key purposes involves “researching, collecting and analysing data to improve our understanding of public health challenges, and come up with answers to public health problems”. To fulfil this goal, Public Health England must handle large quantities of potentially sensitive information.

Organisations like Public Health England also have important data protection responsibilities, with the obligation to ensure that the information in its possession is stored and processed securely. When a data controller fails to meet this responsibility, this is where real people can be harmed, and that is where we can step in.

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Cyberattack compensation for travel data breach victims

British Airways

Holding vast amounts of sensitive personal data, travel companies are often prime targets for cybercriminals, for whom their databases can represent valuable assets. In the past few years, we have seen a number of huge cyberattacks hit the travel sector, affecting millions of customers. Anyone affected could be eligible to claim cyberattack compensation for travel data exposure.

In fact, it is important to remember that the blame for the harm caused by a cyberattack does not fall solely on the hackers, as the data controller can be responsible if it emerges that their systems were not properly protected. As such, they can be liable to issue compensation pay-outs to the victims.

As specialists in data breach claims, we have taken on a number of major travel companies to hold them to account for data breaches, including British Airways, easyJet and Marriott. We know what it takes to pursue justice in cases like these, so contact us today if you would like expert advice on your eligibility to claim compensation.

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Data breach group action claims

court deadline judge

From an outside perspective, litigation can seem like a complex and confusing process, and we know that many of our clients are not so familiar with group actions until they join one. A group action is simply a form of legal action in which claims of a similar nature can be handled together. Due to the wide-reaching nature of some cybersecurity incidents, data breach group action claims are increasing in number in the UK.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we pride ourselves on making the process of claiming as straightforward and stress-free as possible for our clients. Joining a group action may seem like a daunting prospect, given the potentially huge scale of the litigation, but we are here to guide you through each step of the process.

You can contact our team today to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim, and we offer No Win, No Fee representation for our clients.

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Cyberattack on ForHousing and Liberty results in data theft

data breaches

A recent ransomware attack on ForHousing and Liberty has led to the alleged theft of private data after hackers are understood to have managed to gain unauthorised access to the systems of ForViva, the social housing group to which the two companies belong. The executive of the group has reportedly stated that only a small volume of data may have been compromised, but the incident nevertheless has the potential to cause damage to data privacy.

Social housing groups like ForViva are usually required to hold a range of personal information to support their operations, both relating to their staff and, of course, to their residents. As such, they have important data protection responsibilities and must be relied upon to keep the information they store and process secure. Even in the case of cyberattacks, all data controllers retain a degree of responsibility, as they are expected to defend against such external threats as far as they possibly can.

As leading specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we are here to ensure data controllers are held to their legal duties that they are bound to when it comes to data protection law. Making data breach claims is a key route to achieving justice. If the security of your information has been compromised by the actions or negligence of a third party, you could be eligible to claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis now.

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Guntrader data breach

data breach

Hackers have reportedly accessed thousands of personal records held by recently, a website that provides a marketplace for the buying and selling of guns. The Guntrader data breach has brought up serious concerns about the dangers of sensitive information exposure, with the authorities cautioning customers about the potential risks of gun theft.

While the ownership of firearms is kept under control by strict rules and regulations here in the UK, there are still legitimate retailers that provide for the legal circulations of guns. However, the risk of a data breach like the one at Guntrader is that it could reveal intelligence that facilitates illegitimate gun ownership.

With the stakes so high, it is vital that sites like Guntrader keep their private information under tight security. If it emerges that Guntrader failed to protect personal information in accordance with legal requirements, it could be held accountable for a breach of data protection law, meaning that those affected by the incident could be entitled to claim compensation.

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West Midlands Police data breaches

police data breach

It has been three years since a number of West Midlands Police data breaches of 2016 were first reported, but we believe that they still provide a key example of the damage that can be done when officers fail in their data protection duties. In 2017, it was reported that police officers in the West Midlands branch were reportedly responsible for a total of 24 data breaches in the previous year.

The figure is significant when it is considered how easily such breaches could have been avoided. The majority were caused by human error, which can generally be avoided with more caution and rigorous data protection practices.

As a data controller, the police force holds perhaps one of the most sensitive stores of information in the UK. From criminal records to victims’ details, it is vital that this information is kept secure, or there can be profound harmful consequences. If you have been adversely impacted by a police data breach, you may be eligible to claim compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Shurgard data breach compensation claims

email data breach

Three years ago, the Shurgard data breach came to light, and we were soon contacted by those affected for advice about the incident. It was reported that employees within the company had fallen victim to data exposure after a needless but incredibly harmful email mistake was made by one of their member of staff.

Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in their workplace, particularly where data protection is concerned. In fact, UK data protection law sets out the key principles that data controllers must abide by to protect the information they store and process. Where companies fail to keep data secure due to their own negligence, they may be in breach of the law.

If this is the case, victims of data breaches could be eligible to make compensation claims. We have been helping those affected by data security incidents to recover damages for several years, and we want to ensure that victims of the Shurgard data breach can also access the justice that they deserve. And we can offer No Win, No Fee agreements to eligible clients.

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Typeform data breach claim


It is now three years since Typeform suffered a data breach, in which the survey company was hit by hackers. On 27th June 2018, the company identified the issue, which they said had allowed the hackers to steal customer information from a “partial backup” set. Those affected by the incident may still be able to make a Typeform data breach claim, and we can still offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

As specialists in data breach claims, we stand up for victims who have had their data exposed or compromised by third-party organisations. It can be distressing for anyone to learn that their private information may have become vulnerable to misuse, which is why it is vital to assert your legal rights in the event of a data breach.

If Typeform is found to have failed to protect customer data, those affected by the data breach could be eligible to recover compensation. Anyone who was notified of their involvement in the Typeform data breach can contact us for free, no-obligation advice on their potential claim.

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