Month: May 2019

Update in the TalkTalk data breach action


There has been a key update in the TalkTalk data breach scandal from 2015, as the information for thousands more victims affected in the scandal has been found online.

An additional 4,545 customers are understood to have been affected after their information was discovered online. This is in addition to the over 155,000 that were found to have been affected years ago.

We’re representing a group of victims who are claiming data breach compensation having been affected by the original incident. If you’ve yet to claim, or if you’re one of the thousands of additional victims who have been affected, we may be able to help you.

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Claim compensation for a local authority data breach

email address breaches can you claim for compensation

You can be eligible to make a claim for compensation if you’ve been the victim of a local authority data breach incident.

Whether it’s the council themselves, an outsourced agency, or perhaps a body like social services or a school who are under the control of your local authority, you may be able to bring a case. These types of claims re incredibly common and the impact for the victim can be severe. After all, local authorities hold personal, medical, financial and sometimes incredibly sensitive data about tens of thousands of people in some areas.

We can offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for victims of a local authority breach as well.

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About GDPR and compensation claims

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In many ways, GDPR and compensation claims are linked. However, when it comes to reporting and fines, the issue of compensation is usually a separate matter entirely.

When it comes to making a claim for data breach compensation, we can use GDPR as the legal basis for the claim. We can  allege breaches of the GDPR that means you are entitled to receive damages as a victim of an incident.

However, the investigations, reporting and fines is usually separate to a private compensation claim you can make with us. An organisation that receives a fine or is reported for a breach doesn’t automatically open the door to compensation for you. What you need is a No Win, No Fee Data Breach Lawyer to pursue a legal case for you, and that’s where we come in.

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Healthcare staff data breach incidents on the rise

medical data breaches

Healthcare staff data breach incidents appear to be on the rise following one recent study indicating that more than half of incidents stem from the actions of staff themselves.

The results of this particular research come as no surprise to us. Many of the data breach compensation claims we take forward involve the healthcare sector. On top of that, many of those cases have been caused because of the actions of staff themselves.

From leaks to snooping, and hacks to a lack of security when it comes to remote working, employees can be the weakest link. And to use the sentiment of an old adage: organisations really are only as strong as their weakest link.

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