Month: July 2021

AX data breach claims

AX data breach

Customers of AX, which provides temporary hire vehicles to those affected by road accidents, have recently been contacted in respect of a data breach. It is understood that the company’s files were accessed by an unauthorised party as early as January, meaning that some of their customers’ records may have been compromised. We have already begun taking on claims for those affected by the AX data breach, and anyone who has been impacted can reach out to us for advice.

Many of AX’s customers may have been involved in distressing road traffic accidents, so it could be highly stressful for them to now receive the news that the information relating to this difficult event has been exposed. This is where we can try to help.

If you have suffered in the wake of the AX data breach, we can support you through this difficult time by enabling you to make a compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis, where eligible. Every third-party organisation has a responsibility to protect your private information. When they fail to abide by this duty, they may be in breach of the law. A data breach claim can, therefore, allow victims to be compensated for this injustice.

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Three years since the NHS Digital data breach

new gdpr rules for international data transfer

In July 2018, NHS Digital – the IT and data department for the NHS – was at the centre of a significant data breach. The incident was caused by a system error for which NHS Digital was responsible and affected approximately 150,000 patients nationwide. These patients had chosen to opt out of their information being used for reasons unrelated to their own healthcare, but the defect in the system meant that their wishes were not fulfilled.

It is incredibly worrying for an organisation of this stature to have been embroiled in such a wide-reaching, impactful data breach, particularly where sensitive medical data is involved. All patients have a right to exert proper control over who accesses their data and for what reason, but the NHS Digital data breach, unfortunately, denied patients of this right.

We believe that the incident constitutes a clear example of data protection negligence, which is why we are helping those affected to claim the compensation that they deserve. If you were adversely impacted by the NHS Digital data breach, you can contact us for free, no-obligation advice on your potential compensation claim and join others already claiming on a No Win, No Fee basis now.

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British Airways data breach claim settlement – you can still claim

BA data breach

The recent British Airways data breach claim settlement news is good, but our legal action against the airline continues. Only a portion of the 420,000 affected victims are set to receive pay-outs in this settlement, so British Airways still has a lot of claims to resolve, and your chance to claim is not over at all.

Although another law firm has chosen to settle, if you have yet to make a claim, you still have a chance to join our group action to seek the justice you deserve. It is unclear how much this initial group of claims have been settled for, but we are confident that continuing our action against British Airways will enable us to pursue the best possible outcome for our clients.

Hundreds of thousands of victims of the British Airways data breach have still yet to achieve justice. We encourage anyone who has still not sought legal advice to contact our specialist team today, or to register their claim via our online form.

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Virgin Media data breach compensation case

In March 2020, it was discovered that Virgin Media was at the centre of a data breach that allowed the personal information of 900,000 people to become vulnerable to unauthorised access. With their information held in an unsecured database, those affected by the data exposure were put at risk of potential data misuse by cybercriminals. In our eyes, the breach should never have happened, which is why we are fighting to bring justice to the victims in our Virgin Media data breach compensation case.

We launched our action last year and we already have thousands of victims signed up to make a compensation claim with us. If you were involved in the data breach, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation, so we encourage any other affected victims to come forward and make a claim.

As we are collecting all the claims into one case, we have the strength of numbers behind us. Our sign-up form on our Virgin Media group action website makes it quick and easy to join the fight to hold Virgin Media to account.

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