Joining the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK

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You can join the Equifax Lawsuit in the UK that we have been helping clients for since news broke of the data breach back in 2017.

We now act for a large number of Claimants who have instructed us to represent them in their fight for justice. This was a preventable breach that has caused distress to a number of victims who were caught up in the incident. The vulnerability with Equifax’s systems should have been identified earlier as well.

If you’ve yet to join the Equifax lawsuit in the UK, there’s still time to do so. But you should get involved ASAP to avoid missing any key deadlines in the action.

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Inquiry calls for greater Facebook regulation

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An inquiry from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has called for greater Facebook regulation to shift the power from the corporations to the people.

Recommendations include an independent regulator that could be responsible for enforcing an ethical code of conduct that all tech firms must adhere to. They could also be handed powers to bring legal proceedings for breaches and enforce new rules for tech firms to prevent and remove disinformation, false news and harmful content.

The inquiry was launched off the back of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and also focuses on the misuse of personal data as well.

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Mumsnet data breach

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The Mumsnet data breach is said to have affected dozens of accounts after a software change resulted in the exposure of some users’ personal information.

Users who logged into their account during the breach period may have been able to see the account information for other users, and vice-versa. Mumsnet has reported themselves to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and has reversed the software alteration and logged all users out of their accounts.

Software changes that lead to data breach are not uncommon. Some of the data breach compensation claims we represent people for have stemmed from this type of breach. Victims of such data breaches may be able to take legal action.

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Well Pharmacy data breach claims

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We can help you make a claim for compensation if you were a victim of the 2018 Well Pharmacy data breach incident.

Some 24,000 people were affected by the breach when an email had been sent out inadvertently contained an attachment. The attachment contained personal and potentially sensitive data about the thousands of victims affected.

Email data leaks are one of the more common types of data breach compensation claims we deal with. These kinds of incidents are entirely preventable and should never happen in the first place.

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HIV status data breach compensation claims

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If you have been the victim of a HIV status data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with No Win, No Fee representation.

We can tell you from years of experience that HIV status data breach incidents can be absolutely devastating and can have a lifelong impact on  the victim. The legal action that we’re helping a large number of the 56 Dean Street HIV status data breach victims for is still ongoing, and the evidence and witness statements from our clients says it all.

Anyone who has suffered as a victim of a HIV status data breach may be eligible to claim compensation, and we’re here to help.

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Collection #1 incident a stark wake-up call

The leak of hundreds of millions of email addresses and passwords – known as Collection #1 – is a stark and alarming wake-up call.

The 87gb file that was published contained data that’s said to have been gleaned from a number of different hacks and attacks over several years. It serves as a monumental wake-up call for those who are guilty of reusing the same login credentials across different platforms, and for those who haven’t changed their passwords for years and / or use rubbish passwords.

Criminals have the technology to use data from these hacks to systematically target accounts with very little effort. People are in imminent danger.

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Claim Equifax data breach compensation

You may be eligible to claim Equifax data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis if you were a victim of the huge 2017 cyberattack.

We launched our legal action for justice once news of the breach hit the headlines. Since then, we’ve been taking cases on and we’re now acting for a large group of victims.

You still have time to join the Equifax data breach compensation action, but we’re urging anyone who has yet to sign-up to do so ASAP. There are deadlines to claim, and there could be court-imposed deadlines put in place as well. The action is well underway.

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Dixons Carphone data breach compensation

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You still have time to join the Dixons Carphone data breach compensation action we launched, and you can claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The massive 2017 Dixons Carphone data breach was  huge and affected millions of people. Although the breach took place in 2017, the news of the incident was only reported a year later in 2018. The reason for the shocking delay was apparently down to the discovery of the breach after internal changes and investigations by the troubled company.

The legal action for justice is well underway, but you still have time to join and start your case today.

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Marriott data breach compensation action

You may be eligible to claim Marriott data breach compensation if you’ve yet to sign-up for legal representation.

This was a huge breach with around 500m people affected across the globe. Personal and contact information had been exposed since 2014 in some cases. Payment card data was also exposed in the breach, potentially leaving victims at an imminent risk of fraud.

We can help victims claiming Marriott data breach compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that you do not have to pay for our legal fees if the case doesn’t win, so long as you abide by the T’s and C’s of our agreement.

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Cathay Pacific Data Breach Compensation

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You may be able to claim in the Cathay Pacific data breach compensation action if you were a victim of the recent incident.

Almost 10m passengers from around the world have had personal and sensitive data exposed in this latest airliner breach. News of the incident broke just weeks after the huge British Airways legal action was launched, which we’re representing victims for.

Cathay Pacific has pledged to ensure all customers are informed if their data was exposed. If you’ve been informed that your data was exposed in the breach, we can help you if you’re based in England or Wales.

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Are you a victim of the Marriott data breach?

If you’re a victim of the monumental Marriott data breach, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

The Marriott data breach has to be the super breach of 2018. Some 500 million customers whose data was on the Starwood reservations database has been compromised. The breach period appears to have been from 2014 up until 10th September 2018. That’s a four-year exposure period!

Marriott International acquired the Starwood chain in 2016. As far as we’re aware, the affected customers were all on a separate Starwood reservations database.

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York Council data breach

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The York City Council data breach revealed at the end of November appears to be another avoidable breach from a local authority.

In this incident, an IT expert inadvertently stumbled across a huge vulnerability in the York City Council’s environmental app, named One Plant York. The app, which has since been taken down, had some 6,000 users and was aimed at promoting environmental protection. Unfortunately, a vulnerability in the app’s coding led to the personal and private information of the 6,000 users being compromised.

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