118 118 Money data breach claims

118 118 Money data breach

We are now representing a number of victims of the recent 118 118 Money data breach, with legal cases being taken forward on a No Win, No Fee basis.

If you have received the breach notification from the company, we may be able to represent you. The information exposed in this breach could be enough for criminals to use, and the risks for victims are real.

Read on for more information about the breach, the risk that people may face, and how we can help you now.

118 118 Money data breach: what happened?

Based on information from our clients, we know that the 118 118 Money data breach was discovered by the company on 20th March 2020. The incident was described as an “illegal unauthorised access” event of their network, and it was confirmed that customer service call recordings had been exposed.

As a result of the data breach, it’s understood that information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, and matters discussed in the calls may now be in the hands of criminals. This kind of data can be more than enough for criminals to target people who may then fall victim to fraud crimes.

118 118 Money has apologised for the breach and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been informed. Depending on how serious the UK’s data regulator views the incident, the company could be issued with a substantial fine that could be in the millions.

What are the risks to victims?

Sometimes, in the wake of an incident, the impact can be played down; especially when the breach doesn’t involve financial data. But it’s unwise to brush off any breach as minor because personal data can be used by criminals in many ways.

In the 118 118 Money data breach, exposed information could be used in the same way it was for TalkTalk cyberattack victims. Criminals contacted customers and pretended to be TalkTalk and used data exposed in the beach to convince people they are the real deal. Some people were tricked into handing over thousands of pounds as well as access to accounts as a result of the scams.

People also need to recognise that many of us have now been the victim of more than one incident as well. Many people also have an online presence. Criminals could combine this information to then try and target people for serious crimes including theft and fraud.

No Win, No Fee legal representation

We’re offering No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients who sign-up with us as a victim of the 118 118 Money data breach.

Our team is on hand to offer free and no-obligation advice to victims. If you have received notification that you are affected, we should be able to help you.

We’re already representing a group of clients and we may be able to represent you too. This action is one of dozens we are fighting for justice in, and we represent thousands of clients through England and Wales for data breach cases.

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