Blackbaud cyberattack compensation advice

Blackbaud cyberattack

If you are one of the many victims of the Blackbaud cyberattack, we may be able to represent you for a legal case for data breach compensation.

We are representing clients for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, so if you have yet to sign up for a case, please speak to the team for help and advice now.

If you have been informed that your personal data has been affected by the breach, you could be eligible to claim with us. It is likely that the breach notification will come from the organisation you had provided your information to, but it was the Blackbaud company itself at the centre of the hack.

You may be eligible to claim thousands of pounds in compensation – read on for more guidance.

About the Blackbaud cyberattack

The Blackbaud cyberattack that was announced earlier this year has affected a huge number of organisations, including universities and charities.

Information affected in the data breach includes:

  • Full names;
  • Addresses;
  • Dates of birth;
  • Gender information.

It may also be the case that additional data relevant to the organisation affected has also been involved in the breach. For example, some of the data for victims was with current or former universities, and may have included details such as student numbers, information about qualifications, and extracurricular activity information. It may also have included data about employment and finances as well.

About the No Win, No Fee

We are working on a No Win, No Fee basis for victims of the Blackbaud cyberattack that instruct our specialist team for legal representation. So long as you have received notification that you are affected by the incident, you should be able to join the action.

How the No Win, No Fee works is really simple. In short, we can write off our legal fees if the claim does not succeed, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement. In most cases, this happens if the other side has a legitimate defence in law that we cannot overcome. Although we believe we can succeed with the case, it takes pursuing it to realty find out. There may be evidence and/or information that we do not know about unless we initiate a legal action.

You can read more about the No Win, No Fee here as well.

Start your claim for compensation today

You can start your No Win, No Fee data breach compensation case as a victim of the Blackbaud cyberattack with us quickly and easily today.

The GDPR enshrines your rights in law and can allow victims of a data breach to claim compensation for what has happened. You could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in damages for the distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information. You do not have to have suffered any actual losses or expenses to claim, but you could include those too if they are applicable.

To speak to the team, please do not hesitate to complete a call back form or call the office now on 0800 634 75 75.

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