British Airways claim deadline

court deadline

The British Airways claim deadline for the 2018 data breach incidents may fall very soon, so if you’re serious about joining the BA Group Action, we’re urging victims to start their case ASAP.

Victims who claim with us could be entitled to thousands of pounds for the distress caused by the breach, and you may also be able recover and direct financial losses and expenses as well. We can help you claim on a No Win, No Fee basis as part of our ongoing commitment for access to justice.

This is one of the dozens of data breach actions that our lawyers are proudly fighting for justice in.

When is the British Airways claim deadline?

There isn’t yet a formal date for the British Airways claim deadline. However, we believe that the lawyers who are acting for BA are seeking a short cut-off point which may limit the amount of people who can claim compensation.

Before the deadline hits, you’ll normally need to have your claim formally lodged as part of the action, and you’ll need to have complied with any requests the court makes when it comes to evidence and information.

It can take time to properly prepare a case, so the longer you leave it, the greater the risk can be for missing the deadline.

What if you miss the British Airways claim deadline?

If you miss the formal, court-approved British Airways claim deadline, you will likely be unable to benefit from any decision in the BA Group Action.

This means that you will be normally be unable to receive any compensation as part of a settlement package in the action. You can ask the court to join the action after the deadline has passed but, in our experience, this is usually incredibly difficult to achieve.

You’d need to demonstrate to the court that there was a good reason for missing the deadline, and this isn’t an easy thing to do. The reason that you didn’t know is not usually accepted. We have seen other firms in previous actions try and lodge claims after the deadline, and they failed to do so.

Take action NOW

You can avoid missing the British Airways claim deadline by starting your claim for compensation, and its quick and easy to do.

You can launch your No Win, No Fee case by completing the forms on the BA Group Action website here.

If you’re serious about claiming, we recommend that you launch your case as soon as possible.

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