British Airways data breach fine and compensation claims

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It’s important to understand that the £183m British Airways data breach fine and the action for compensation for victims are two different things.

The £183m fine that’s provisionally been issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is designed to be a punishment and a deterrent. Money from the fine will normally go to the treasury and is not for the victims of the breach, and that’s why we have our separate action for justice.

For the victims to be able to claim compensation, you’ll need to be a part of the pending group action that will likely be pursued in the courts. You can sign-up to join our claimant group here.

British Airways data breach fine not for compensation

Money received from the British Airways data breach fine is not intended to be used for compensation.

For the victims to get justice for their personal information being exposed, and for any financial losses suffered, you need to start a legal case.

Even if you haven’t been the victim of fraud and haven’t suffered any financial loss, you can still make a claim. You can be entitled to damages for the distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information.

About the compensation action

The compensation action for justice is designed to recover damages for the victims of the data breach incidents. Normally, claims will be grouped together in a Group Litigation Order (GLO for short), which is similar to the common term used in America, “class action”.

Although this is totally separate to penalties from the ICO, the level of the British Airways data breach fine can help the legal cases as well. It shows that the ICO has treated this a serious breach where there is blame on the part of the airline.

We can then pursue a case on behalf of thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Anyone who has been affected by the breach may be able to join.

Joining the compensation action

You can sign-up to join the compensation action now by following this link.

Once you have answered a few simple questions, if you’re eligible to join the group, you can start your case right away.

We can represent people who claim with us on a No Win, No Fee basis. Because money from the British Airways data breach fine won’t be used as compensation for the victims, our action is designed to ensure they also receive justice for what has happened.

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