Business data breach headlines being ignored?

data breaches

It’s understood that business data breach headlines are still being ignored by business leaders, despite the monumental costs and consequences they can have.

Although the research and studies bring about all sorts of facts and figures, another recent worrying one indicated that only around a third of businesses are properly investing in new software to protect themselves against the increasing risks of hacks and business data breaches.

With huge names suffering massive losses as a result of big breaches, this number really isn’t reflective of a proper desire to protect the data they hold.

New software needed to stop business data breach incidents

New software is needed to stop business data breach incidents, and only when business leaders are keeping an eye on the news and the trends of cybersecurity can the really make a positive impact on protecting the data they hold.

It’s not good enough just to make a one-time investment and consider yourself safe. Hackers are constantly working toward making their attacks more sophisticated and easier to manage on larger scales, so business leaders must pay constant attention to stop their organisations falling victim to a business data breach.

Pay attention to the business data breaches in the headlines

Leaders must pay attention to the big business data breach headlines. Look at the likes of Equifax who were responsible for almost 150 million people’s data being breached across the world, with 700,000 of these victims here (some of whom we’re acting for).

The Equifax data breach has been incredibly costly for them. It should serve as one of the most obvious and recent lessons to business leaders to make sure they really are paying enough attention to their cybersecurity and data protection responsibilities.

We’ve seen before that profitability can now be linked to good data protection practice. Can anyone really afford a massive business data breach given the impact it can have on consumer loyalty, as well as the fact that the new GDPR that came into force at the end of May 2018 means the fines can run into the millions?

Business leaders must understand the risks and the evolving landscape of cybersecurity. There is no excuse for failing to uphold data protection responsibilities.

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