Claiming as a victim of the 56 Dean Street clinic leak

We are acting for a number of patients who were affected by this leak – please contact us if you have yet to make a claim.

On the 1st of September an NHS sexual health clinic in Soho made the mistake of sending out a newsletter to over 700 users of the clinic that had patient’s names and email addresses visible for all recipients

The majority of those whose identity was revealed in the email are HIV positive, as they were using a particular service known as Option E. The clinic services a small area of London, and people were able to identify other people they know from names and / or the email address.

The leak is one of the most significant in UK and NHS history.

Liability admitted

56 Dean Street could easily have used the technology to prevent this data leak happening – but they failed to use it.

As result of this, 56 Dean Street committed a serious data breach. This has been recognised by their lawyers who have admitted liability in the data breach for many of our clients, with compensation offers already being made.

Now that liability has been admitted, and compensation claims are underway, those that were victims to the data leak can get the compensation they deserve. Our Data Breach Lawyers were always confident from the beginning that we would be successful in settling claims for those who were a victim of the leak.

Our dedicated specialist team of Data Breach Lawyers are already acting on behalf of many people who have been affected by the breach, and are still taking on cases for those who have been affected.

Only our dedicated team that are helping our 56 Dean Street Clinic clients have access to our client information that is stored securely Рso that clients can rest assured that they can make a claim confidentially.

Contact Us

We are here to help, and we can help you privately and confidentially. Starting a claim with us is easy, and as admission of liability are already been made, money will be set aside to ensure that victims who claim should be compensated.

There are always legal deadlines to claim, so the sooner you start your claim, the better. Some time-frames in these cases can be the anniversary of when the incident took place – this being September 2016.

We urge you to get in contact with us as soon as possible if you would like free and no obligation advice about making a claim as a victim.

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