Data breaches in the healthcare sector: compensation advice

data breaches in the healthcare sector

Data breaches in the healthcare sector can be common which is why many of the thousands of people we represent for compensation claims involve medical information.

The GDPR can allow a data breach victim to receive compensation for the loss of control of their personal information. The healthcare sector  faces huge risks of data breaches all the time, and it’s important that victims know that they can pursue a legal case to obtain the justice that they deserve.

We offer No Win, No Fee representation for these kinds of cases. Here’s how we may be able to help you today.

Compensation for data breaches in the healthcare sector

Claiming compensation for data breaches in the healthcare sector can be incredibly common. The sector is a huge target for hackers and is commonly subject to breaches and leaks as well.

Some of this comes down to the fact that information can be more exposed in the sector. When it comes to NHS data breach compensation claims, they can be common as there are not always enough resources in data protection and cybersecurity. The government must ensure that there is the funding in place for the sector to adhere to the GDPR as more and more information and medical services and resources go digital. The risks are increasing, and the sector must make sure that enough is done to prevent data breach occurring.

If they do occur, you can be entitled to claim compensation for the distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information. Importantly, you don’t have to have suffered an actual financial loss or incurred expenses to make a claim. You can settle a legal case based solely on the distress you suffer, which can be significant in cases where medical data is exposed. This is exactly the kind of information that most people want to be kept confidential and secure because it can be incredibly personal and sensitive.

We can tell you from years of experience in representing clients for medical data breach cases just how bad it can be. Claims can easily be valued in the thousands or tens of thousands of pounds mark when it comes to the exposure or misuse of healthcare information.

Can you claim on a No Win, No Fee basis today?

We can normally tell you quickly if you could be entitled to claim for data breaches in the healthcare sector.

If you can, we have some great news for you: we offer No Win, No Fee representation for data breach compensation claims that meet our criteria for taking them forward.

So long as we believe that we can succeed with the case, and where you have suffered distress as a result of the incident, we can offer to help you on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement (of course!), we’re more than happy to write off our legal fees if the claim does not succeed.

With this kind of way of working, the only question you need to ask yourself is this: what have you got to lose?

Free, no-obligation advice

For free and no-obligation advice about claiming compensation for data breaches in the healthcare sector, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.

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