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Airline data breach

In May 2020, the news of the easyJet cyberattack broke, and the airline revealed that around 9 million customers had been impacted by what it labelled a “highly sophisticated cyber-attack”.

We are now representing people for an easyJet cyberattack compensation action to ensure that as many victims as possible can recover compensation for any harm caused.

The travel industry is often a target for cybercriminals, with British Airways and Marriott numbering among the other companies to have suffered major data breaches in recent years. Yet cybercriminals alone cannot be blamed for these breaches. EasyJet should be held accountable for the security vulnerabilities that allowed an attack of this scale to occur, if this is what has taken place.

The easyJet cyberattack- what happened?

In January last year, easyJet reportedly first became aware of an attack on its systems. It is understood that the breach was being investigated in the following months, as easyJet only began notifying customers of their involvement in the breach in April, when it was able to notify people affected whose payment card details had been exposed.

The airline said in a statement that “It took time to understand the scope of the attack and to identify who had been impacted”.

Although only 2,208 of the 9 million customers affected are said to have had their credit or debit card details stolen, the cyberattack also exposed the email addresses and travel information of other customers. Those who had email addresses exposed were told to be vigilant of possible phishing attacks, via which cybercriminals could aim to lure victims into handing over more personal data.

Make an easyJet cyberattack claim

While the majority of victims did not have highly sensitive financial information exposed, the scale of the breach indicates a significant security error on the part of easyJet. To hold the airline accountable for any data protection regulations breach, victims can make an easyJet cyberattack claim to recover compensation.

In a claim, it can be possible to recover compensation for the distress caused by the exposure or theft of personal data, whether you have suffered stress, anxiety, or even a severe psychological injury. It is important to remember that your distress compensation pay-out can be graded according to the severity of the suffering. Where it applies, victims can also make a Special Damages claim for financial losses and expenses, in which they could be reimbursed for any costs provoked by fraud or scams linked to the easyJet cyberattack.

The law can allow data breach victims to recover compensation from the third parties responsible for data protection breaches. If you want to see that justice done, you can sign up to make your easyJet claim today.

No Win, No Fee representation

If you are eligible to make an easyJet cyberattack claim, we may be able to offer you No Win, No Free representation. Under this agreement, we can write off our legal fees in the event that your claim is unsuccessful, subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions.

We want to make sure all easyJet victims have a chance to claim, which is why we have made it easy when it comes to registering a claim. To hear more about claiming compensation, contact our team for free, no-obligation advice on your potential easyJet cyberattack claim.

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