Hackers eyeing up flaws in the healthcare sector worldwide

The healthcare sector has the most data leaks than any other sector, and is often targeted by hackers because of the richness of the data that the healthcare sector has. Once hackers have hold of our data, it can be used to make huge amounts of money through various scams or through sale to marketing lists.

So it’s no wonder that hackers are eyeing up the healthcare sector for a potentially valuable payday.

Targeting healthcare sectors worldwide

The information that the healthcare sector has on us can be very personal and sensitive indeed. Between 2013 and 2014 the NHS faced fines of £1.3 million from the Information Commissioners Office, with data leaks doubling in the healthcare sector in recent times.

In a study conducted by Raytheon / Websense, malware is being targeted at healthcare sectors across the globe. In their report, they say the healthcare sector is three times more likely to be attacked by Dyre (malware designed to steal financial data), and more likely to fall victim to Cryptowall attacks (ransomware that is designed to blackmail users to pay a ransom in order to get their data back).

Hackers will go to great lengths to get hold of healthcare data because of its high value, so ordinary and basic security measures are not always going to be enough.

Hacks becoming commonplace

Data breaches in the healthcare sector are all too common with data being leaked through loss, theft, unintended disclosure, and people on the inside leaking data intentionally for money or some other form of personal gain.

What is clear is that more must be done to secure data from hacks and leaks. Obviously we need to think about the victims in these cases who are often subject to a great deal of distress from their personal and sensitive medical information being leaked or hacked. One way this can be achieved is by making sure that the healthcare sector properly protects itself.

Enforcing better legislation would certainly be a good start.

Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/24/health_sector_hack_prognosis/

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