Health data breach claims for compensation

health data breach claims

Health data breach claims for compensation are one of the most serious types of privacy incidents that we represent people for, and we can help victims with cases now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We often find that these types of cases can have some of the worst impact on the victims, which is why it is so important that people understand the rights that they have. The law is on our side and we – as specialist Data Breach Lawyers – are here to help.

Can you claim?

You could be eligible to pursue health data breach claims if your medical/healthcare information has been exposed, misused, leaked, or hacked. Whether you can claim or not really comes down to one simple question in principle: have you lost control over your personal information? If the answer is yes, that is when you may be able to claim.

The law entitles us to have control over who knows what about us. This is only right, especially when it comes to personal and sensitive details such as our medical data. We do not want just anyone and everyone knowing everything about us, so being able to control how your information is used is important. If this control is lost, the law says that you could be entitled to claim compensation. The grounds for a claim can then be about any distress or loss that you have suffered from, which we can go into more detail below.

What could you claim for?

Generally speaking, health data breach claims for compensation are all about the distress that has been caused by the loss of control of your personal information. This loss of control can cause anxiety, worry, anger, upset, and general unhappiness when our right to control who knows what about us is taken away. This distress is actually what you could then be compensated for as a claim for any hurt to your emotional well-being to put it in another way. What this means is that you could be eligible to pursue a case even if you have not suffered any form of actual financial loss or expenses, and most people claim for this distress alone.

Because healthcare information can be incredibly personal and sensitive, damages claims can be worth thousands of pounds as the level of distress can be so substantial. In some cases, we could even be talking about tens of thousands of pounds.

No Win, No Fee health data breach claims for compensation

We are proud to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for the thousands of clients who approach us for help with their privacy matters. Given how severe the impact often can be when it comes to health data breach claims for compensation, it is vital that victims are able to obtain access to justice.

This is why we are committed to offering No Win, No Fee legal representation to eligible clients. The team is happy to provide a free, no-obligation assessment so you can find out now if we can help you. All you need to do is complete a contact form below and you can get started right away.

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