HIV status data breach compensation claims

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If you have been the victim of a HIV status data breach, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation with No Win, No Fee representation.

We can tell you from years of experience that HIV status data breach incidents can be absolutely devastating and can have a lifelong impact on  the victim. The legal action that we’re helping a large number of the 56 Dean Street HIV status data breach victims for is still ongoing, and the evidence and witness statements from our clients says it all.

Anyone who has suffered as a victim of a HIV status data breach may be eligible to claim compensation, and we’re here to help.

Can you claim HIV status data breach compensation?

If you’ve suffered as a victim of a HIV status data breach, we’re sorry to hear that. Although we wish we could help you turn back the clock, we simply can’t do that. But what we can do is make sure you receive data breach compensation that’s fair and reflective of what you have had to go through, and what you may continue to go through in the future.

Medical data breaches are often the worst in terms of the impact they can have on the victim. A HIV status data breach is one of those that sits at the top in terms of the most severe. We can tell you from years of experience in representing victims for HIV status breaches that the impact can be significant and can last a lifetime.

Compensation is designed to ensure that you receive some form of justice for what you have had to go through. It can also serve as a much-needed punishment for the organisation responsible for the breach as well.

Making a claim for a HIV status data breach incident

You can contact our team for free, no-obligation advice now about a HIV status data breach. Your enquiry will be treated confidentially, and there are a number of steps we take when we help people for this type of case.

If we can help you, we may be able to offer you No Win, No Fee representation.

We will pursue the Defendant (the organisation responsible for the breach) and look to obtain an early acceptance of liability. We can then use expert evidence and your personal statement to value the case and engage in settlement negotiations thereafter.

Please contact the team today for help and advice.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to contact us as a victim of the 56 Dean Street action, please do so ASAP, but please note that two key timeframes have already passed. We may still be able to assist, but we are unable to confirm until we have spoken with you.

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