Losing trust after data breaches and what victims can do

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Loss of trust after data breaches is very common for people to suffer from when their personal and private information has been misused or exposed.

As a leading firm of Data Breach Lawyers representing thousands of victims for cases, we see this a lot. We are there for our clients in their time of need with our expert assistance and No Win, No Fee legal representation. But the law does account for how people suffer after a data breach, and you can be eligible to claim compensation for any harm caused.

We can help.

Loss of trust after data breaches

Suffering from loss of trust after data breaches is entirely common. In this day and age, it could be hard to find a single person that has not been affected by some kind of privacy issue. Many of us – myself included – have been unfortunate enough to have endured multiple data breaches, and this can make things worse.

It can be hard to have faith in those who have been responsible for data breaches, leaks and hacks. This is perfectly normal and completely understandable, but there is something you can do about the impact of a data breach event.

What victims of data breaches can do

Whilst the loss of trust after data breaches may impact the data breach offender financially more so than the victims who may be able to take their business elsewhere, there is still the question of justice for those harmed by privacy incidents.

This is why the GDPR can allow victims who have suffered due to the loss of control of their personal information to claim data breach compensation. The law can allow you to recover damages for any distress caused by the loss of control, and you could be owed substantial damages depending on the nature of the incident and how you have been affected.

Sometimes, you may have no choice but to continue to engage with a data breach offender; perhaps if it is a council or an NHS Trust. In this case, any ongoing anxiety arising from the loss of trust after data breaches could be considered as part of a legal case for you.

It is all about assessing how you have suffered and then doing what we can to help you. The law is on your side and can entitle you to claim.

How much compensation will I get for a data breach?

“How much compensation will I get for a data breach”?

We get asked this question quite a lot!

We will always be honest and tell you right from the start that we simply do not know exactly how much you could be entitled to receive until we actually pursue a case. What we can do is tell you that, as of June 2022, we have recovered just over £6,000 on average for our data breach clients. This is an average amount, and it could be used as a helpful guide for you.

Your claim could be worth more than that or it could be worth less. It will take pursuing it to find out for you, but with our No Win, No Fee legal representation, what have you got to lose in claiming with us?

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